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So i took this chick to my l room. I start messing arround with her on the bed and shit. She didnt let me touch her pussy,or  take her clothes off, or even want to touch my dick. I got a bit pissed off but however, she was hot but its dangerous for girls  arround here to walk alone at night so i accompanied her to her house and kissed her goodbye. However i havent experienced that kind of shit before lol. Are some girls just like that or could i have done something different? I met her on thursday so i took her to a bar and some club tonight and then i took her home. 

Joined: 11/15/2013
and yeah lol she had some

and yeah lol she had some jeans shorts under her dress so it was impossible to take them off

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Yes dude it's called fucking

Yes dude it's called fucking game. Lol 


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