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Me: Hey gina its meow your best friend from tinder

Me: sup gorgeous

Her: hellooo

Me: hey hows the hangover

Me: I feel AMAZING

Her: its not too bad haha

Me: nice whatd u drink last night

Her: svedka and beer lol

Me: beer! alright frat boy

Her: hey someone offered It I wasnt going to decline lol

Me: tru tru gangsta

Her: exaccctly

Me: See if you drink with me it would be cheap vodka and no chasers :P

Her: oh god that sounds awful

Me: yah we should give it a try I bet we'd have fun

Her: ohh I bet

Me: gina you wouldnt cat fihs me would you :P

Her: umm no why would I

Me: I dunno! are you positive?

Her: yeah im really confused why you would think I dont look like my pictures

Me: hahahah no I believe you :)

Her: ok good lol

Me: we should get some ice cream in the winter time whilst drag racing cars :p

Her: why drag racing

Me: cuz all the cool kids are doing ti duhhh

Her: lmfao alright

Me: whatre you doing monday cuz I totally challenge you to a race

Her: I have no clue lol

Me: this is why nobody will remember your name

Her: what does that mean

Me: hehe :P

Me: but for reals you suck

Her: sorry I was watchung a movie

Her: why do I suck

Me: just kidding your alright :)

Her: lol ok

Me: love you too pumpkin butt

Her: what are oyu saying lol

Me lol gina stop

Her: confused

Me: I bet

Her: why are you saying random things im so confused

Me: im not at all hun

Her: yes you are

Me: I speak from the heart

Her: lol anyways whats up

Me: sitting next to a pellet stove eating stacys pita chips

Me: how bout you?

Her: watching a movie with the fam

Me: oh yah netflix n chill

Her: sikkkee

Me: youd love that huh

This is a weird convo, overgaming maybe? I think it is still on


Me: this is meow your best friend from tinder

Me: wassup gorgeous

Her: oh hey whats up

Me: ayo

Me: I just learned to rap

Her: thats dope

Me: yeah im practically black

Her: gotta admit thats pretty cool

Me: where are you from I never asked

Her: [city] , you?

Me: is that in [state]

Her: yes haha

Me: im from [city]

Her: I have neverrr heard of that

Me: its near [city]

Me: and [city]

Me: [city] is that place with the [historical fact] lol

Her: [fact] is in [city] but it is an old village

Me: ohhh real shit

[We go on and joke around about this]

Her: im sur eim fine

Me: ohh thank gawwd :)

Her: no worries :p

Me: Meaghan you never explained why your name is spelt like that

Her: nooo it spelled megaen

Me: ohhh!

Her: haha but still its different

Me: kinda  :) :)

Her: I don't know anyone else with the extra e :)

Me: its okay I respect it

Her: well good haha

Me: im so done with this cold weather

Her: Me too, I spent 20 min after work at 9:30 tonight scraping ice off my car

Me: shit where you work

Me: toys r us

Her: [store]

Me: whats that

Her: girls cothes store

Me: like sexy clothes

Me: or normal clothes

Her: normal unfortunately

Me: shot nigguh

Me: shit

Her: thats what im saying

Me: do you steal little girls clothes

Her: haha no!

Me: why not

Her: little girls clothes?

Me: like do you wear mom jeans

Her: ewww no

Me: hahaha

Her: leggins and pencil skirts

Me: what are pencil skirts

Me: are those sexy

Her: tight

Her: and short

Me: I dont understand

Her: haha

Me: like are they business

Me: send me a google image or some shit

Her: [image]

Me:Is that you?

Me: or google

Her: google

Me: oh hhahaha

Me: do you rep them that well

Her: [send me picture of her in one with gun emojis]

Her: this is me

Me: those are cool guns

Her: thanks dude

Me: thats a really good pose

Her: thanks again

Me: I'll like leggins tho :)

Me: Welp these were some marvelous drunk texts!!!

Her: [3 crying laughing emojis]

Me: thanks for your patience

Me: and the photo your cute

Her: haha no problem and thanks

Me: yup

Me: Id say we should hangout but your SOOO far away

Her: wait where are you from

Me: near [city a little bit closer to her]

Her: thats not AWFUL

Me: thats the spirit you really do like adventures lol

Me: I mean you toally could drive her and we could play in the streets or something

Her: haha play in the streetss?

Me: yeah like fight crime you said your criminal justice

Me: wait your not going to cat fish me right?

Her: no [ 3 crying laughing emojis]

Me: oh thank god it happened once

Her: I did???? [crying layghing emojis]

Me: yup it was realy funny

Me: whats your snap chat cuz now you have to prove yourself

Her: [user name]

Me: ok youve proven your not a cat fishey

Her:hahaha good

Me: so when are we going to fly around in my spaceship

Me: how bout saturday afternoon

Me: I think im pregnant with your child

Her: thats some talent

Me: yah Ik I did all the work!

Her: damnnn

Me: where the child support checks

Her: im broke

Me: wow

Me: you suck

Her: I know

Me: hows the hangover

Me: or did you drink juice boxes all night

Me: im just kidding dont cry :\

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Joined: 03/27/2013
These convos where around New

These convos where around New Years so I'll hit them up in a few days again

What I noticed:

  • Both girls are actually into me but i'm uncalibrated and I confuse them
  • Lacking the whole "we are going to take the world over TOGETHER vibe"