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Went to this awesome ROM event in Toronto, got 5 girls numbers haha. Then hit up a bar! 

At one point, I'm walking through a crowd of people and I notice this cute girl whose with her friend. Out eyes catch and neither of us looks away. She does a silly dance move and I move in close to her. I can sense her energy is there to have fun. So I pull her immediately to the dance floor instead of trying to engage conversation in a overly loud environment. 

It's on, we're making out very quickly. I'm grabbing her little coochie and she's into it. Opening up her legs. I probably should have slipped my hand into her pants and palmed her lil pussy. We dance some more and I cna't really hear what she's trying to tell me. Apparenlty she has to leave, I try and just pull her out the club with just me, but it's not happening. She pulls out her phone and tells me to text myself. I comply 

We split up! 

I text her that night so she has my number 

me: Yo, it's Gregory

then when I get home

me: Just made it home safe, which is a miracle lol! How was the rest of your night, you make it out alive

next day at 5pm.

me: It's fine I don't like your haircut anyway 

her: Sorry who is this ? (two hours later)

I think the move here is to get her on fb so she can creep me then meet her out at the bar or get drinks with her. But obviously I can't go striaght to having her add me on fb. Maybe I should play around with it a bit.

How would you guys respond.

I could just say

me: This is Justin Biebers back up dancer. Don't you remember me?? You offerend me a job last night. haha just kididng, it's Gregory (hott guy with muscles from gracies). How are ya gorgoeus! 

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You're going

You're going infomercial/overly qualifying yourself. She said "who is this" give her a bit more of an edge, while still giving value. 

"It's your lover from another mother" Lol that would be a strange one. Maybe a "You tried to drag me home with you the other night from gracies. I told you I was a lady and needed more time to get to know you first lol" 


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Joined: 05/20/2013

FUCKING AWESOME! Both of those are bad ass but I'll do the later, nice sexual qualifcation.