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Another girl from daygame. Went great, but some trouble towards the end of the convo.

Me: reengagement meme

Her: Haha

Her: How are you? I actually went home this wknd so it was nice!

Her: What did u do?

Me: Sweet

Me: I went to Philly for a mini family reunion

Her: Nice! How was that?

Me: Ate lots of amazing food, got fat and now have a newly acquired Buddha belly

Me: Where’s home?

Her: Haha I’m sure that’s an exaggeration

Her: I’m  from Virginia

Her: It rained all weekend :/

Her: I spent most  of it in a hair salon…

Her: Dyed my hair brown

Her: What did u eat in philly?

Me: Well, I obvi gotta see yo new haircut

Her: Haha. I need to go to the mall again do u happen be studying there?

Me: French, English and Spanish food

Me: And the best version of egg on toast ever

Me: Nah, goin to a Muay Thai  class now

Her: It seems like there is no good food in Boston

Me: Word

Me: I’m headin there later for groceries

Her: Where do u buy groceries?

Me: Allstar/shaws

Me: I’ll take you on a magical mystery tour of the supermarket ;)

Her: Hahahahahahaha

Her: How far is it from the mall? I don’t have that much time unfortunately

Her: Hey, I think another night would be better to meet up. I’m too pressed for time right now. Nice hearing from you tho! Take care

Me: yeah, def

Me: My class got out really late, but I finally found a great Muay thai class!!!

Me: What’s your schedule this wk? Someone’s gotta show off those luscious brown locks

Her: Hahaha

Her: My schedule varies by day, what’s is your sched

Me: Wednesday is pretty free in  the evening, Thurs, get off work at 8

Me: And the wknd is up in the air

Me: Since I don’t have to go to class, sched is super flexible

Her: Where do u work?

Her: Why do you want to have coffee with me? Just curious…like did  your friends dare u to ask as many girls out to coffee as possible or something?

Me: Somone went on interrogator mode, let me get the slit lamp…

Me: I go to grad school at Tufts

Me: And no, no dare

Her: People always tell me that

Me: That they go to grad school?

Me: No worries though, you just seemed cute and interesting, there’s no big thing about it besides that

Her: Hahah J different maybe

Me: How was the movie?

No response

Next day

Me: Hope you feel asleep during the movie, cz you obvi needed it ;p

Her: Haha

Her: I actually didn’t end up watching it

Me: Word, I didn’t go grocery either

Me: Spent 30 min looking for a burger and then passed out

Her: Lol

Her: Did u find a good burger?

Me: Oh yeah, that thing didn’t stand a chance

Me: 2 min flat. And I usually eat like an 80 yr old.

Her: How does an 80 yr old eat lol?

Me: Slowly

Me: very slowly

Her: Gotcha

Her: What else is unique about u?

Me: My mom tells me that everything is unique about me

Her: Oh ok so you are a mama’s boy J

Me: Oh yeah

Me: And you forgot, grandma’s boy too

Me: Why do I feel you’re daddy little girl…as in the youngest

Her: Haha I’m actually not the youngest. I have one younger sister. Your analysis doesn’t work on me it seems

Me: Well damn, there goes my aspiring career as a psychic

Me: Guess I’ll have to actually see you to get to know you. Do you lk ice cream?

Her: I do! We will it might have to be planned spontaneously

Me: If it’s spont, you better be ready

Me: Any sign of brain freeze, and I’m outta there ;p

Her: Hahahah

Me: Any your fav flavor

No response for some time

Me: I’m just gonna assume you like pistachio, ewwww

No response

2 Days Later

Me: Sent meme with Patrick stewart from star trek, about falling asleep in class

No response


Not sure where to go with this. I think I took the planning spontaneously thing too serious and should’ve just planned it. Or I was thinking txt, “Come get ice cream with me, you beautiful wench” ala MW, but I might wait a few days to send, I don’t want to be txting her almost everyday when she is not responding. Or I might try to send  a start over and build the meetup after 3-4 txts.


Joined: 01/18/2012
No man. Beautiful wench does

No man. Beautiful wench does not fit this vibe. Neither does telling a girl you're a momma's boy. Derp 

Hit her up randomly and spontaneously around a time you got free time, call her up even, and plan a spontaneous date. She told you how it could go down. Listen.. 


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