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So I been gaming this chick at work. Total babe but I wouldn't call her a 10 or 9.. like 8ish. Was the one that was originally really bitchy/bad attitude. She came around and eventually I sent her a text saying if she wants to talk she can text me. I got a text from her today.

This is the convo --- >

Her: It's (her name), you going to the morning session?

Me: hey, I'm just at starbucks. I was gonna help out @ 11

Me: u?

Her: On my way

Her: Traffic is fucked

Me: yeah, meet me here

Her: Transit is fucked. Everything is fucked

Her: kk

(LOL don't have time to talk about the traffic - pointless)

Me: I'm just sitting outside its the one by the trains

Her: Haha I know where it is silly

Me: just lookin out for you :p

She walks up to me we hustle down to work. I'm gaming this girl the whole time, we are alone for about an hour. She's flirty and I'm just giving her the old push and pull. I tell her we should get high and watch a documentary next week and she laughs and says maybe, in which I laugh and say "I hate working with those", she laughs and goes "whatever". She's laughing and having a good time. She mentions her bf, I look at her and say " The best way to forget your ex is to fuck me" and she laughes and says "okay noted", in which I reply "It's not free unfortunately. It's a premium service.", she laughes "Oh really now?". I change the thread. We are just flirting and cleaning. It's going well but her shift is starting. Servers meet upstairs.

I walk in upstairs, she walks by me and looks me in the eyes and says "Hi". I'm thinking this is a pretty stellar interaction the whole way through considering she texted me out of the blue this morning and it seemed to be on. This is the only chick giving me a harder time when gaming (she is the hottest one out of the girls I am gaming at work)

I strike up a convo not too long ago.

Me: i bust your balls all the time but you're actually a total sweetheart haha i love it

Her: Hahahahaha

Me: don't go getting a big head on me.. there's a ways to go

Her: Pffffft

Me: baby steps, good things take time

Me: although, im worried you might be one of those high maintenance girls

Her: Pft

Her: Totally am

*Adds each other on snapchat*

There she puts the attitude back on and doesn't qualify like I was hoping she would. Not sure where to go from here. I think just ignore her? Any tips fellas. Haven't been stuck like this in a while.


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i would respond with Haha

i would respond with
Haha youre feelin yourself girl
This is you (link to Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld)

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I'm thinking something along

I'm thinking something along the lines of, "what a shame. I thought you had a chance with me"

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Isn't Snapchat a fickle,

Isn't Snapchat a fickle, shitty ass playform for chatting. Maybe that's got something to do with it

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Her replies are just shit.

Her replies are just shit. Maybe I'll stick to gaming her in person.

Build more investment first?

Just met a few other hotties I work with and they seem more into me in our face to face interactions right now so, might as well move on to them. Starting to think in the nightclub scene it's harder to get these girls attention and keep it, since they are super hot and have tons of abundance. 

I know that when I'm with them in person it's on though. 


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar