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Successful number close on 2 set goes cold texting.

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Long story short

Opened a hot blondie two set with her hot friend by her side

She was VERY into it, anime eyes, just staring and the tension was almost sexual right there

The friend just let it happen as she could tell her friend was into me

Got the digits

First text shortly after

Me : He its Michael, save my info if you would ;  3:07

Her: Im looking forward to seeing you soon       3:13

Me : how does your wesday morning/after noon look katie?                  7.43

Her: it looks pretty open  7:46

Her  are you in school ?  7:46

Me: Im much better at teaching myself  :)   You?   7:46

Her: currently taking a gap year 

Me: From? your a fitness major hmm 

Her: do i look like a fitness major?

Me: I thought you did.. but maybe your a biochemical major.. ;

Her: How about undecided

Me: Not a bad place to be your options are all open!    7:56

Her: just a base question, how old are you?   7:59

Me: 27 pumpkin and you?  

Her: how old do you think I am?

Me: 19?

Me: I know I probably look quite young (im a vampire)

Her: are you gonna bite me?

Me: yes but you have to invite me in first

Her : into what my coffin?

Me: your home, if your outside of it i can bite you anytime  ;     8:11

Me: do you know where tea 2 go is on college? (a little tea place near my apartment)

Her: Yes

Me: meet me there at noon tommorow? I cant decide if ill want to eat icecream or have tea )    9:50

Me: either way its just an excuse to bite you afterall ;

Me: if not lemme know as I will go to the gym at a different time pumpkin

Her: why are you interested in me?

Her: what made you decide to talk to me?

Me: because I was instictively attracted to you, did you feel the same!? :)    10:11     (i asked if shed felt the same with the !? I figured she might assume that she had)

Her: what kind of music do you like?   10:15

Me: You didnt answer  ;  anyway ill send you a cool song Ive been addicted to lately

Me: (song link) --- hope you like    10:23

Her: interesting   11:17

Me: interesting hm? we wont get along ;     10:26 next day

Me: dont just ignore me, text me loser ;)     12:11 next day       (tried a incorporate a little of what patrick was using sparingly)

Shes been ghost ever since 11 and I tried to seem aloof and playful the next day but nodda..

Advice appreciated

Ive been getting more dates and numbers lately than I ever have but my stickin points are sort of the same, I feel like I dont escalate fast enough on dates or this shit happends texting.



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'and you?' 'and you?' 'and

'and you?'

'and you?'

'and you?'

I personally like to leave the room. If they ask a question, i assume there is a reason they ask.

That's 1 of many things i would do differently... MW probably has a better answer to this one as my 'breaking down textgame' capability is low.

Also there is no such thing as successfull number close.
Number = Bronze medal.

Joined: 08/13/2012

Fair enough )



Joined: 08/13/2012
One of Many? :) Im a sponge

One of Many? :)

Im a sponge



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This is all attraction and no

This is all attraction and no comfort. She didn't get to know jack shit about you before setting up the date and you didn't tell her specifically what you liked about her. Congrats, you freaked her out, brah.

Joined: 08/13/2012
Fuuuuuuk Thanks all the same


Thanks all the same.

Should I pick back up and go super soft, ' I liked the way you didnt bat away and looked deeply at me, most girls dont do that ' ?