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As a professional sales guy, I'm always looking at advanced metrics like this basically 24/7, so it was great to see it for OkCupid.

One benefit of this is to start to be able to see how you can improve. Or, conversely, that you're actually crushing it, and shouldn't actually change anything.

(ONE NOTE: Whenever I see "looks" - I just automatically convert that to "high value profile". So " good looks" or "attractiveness" simply means a profile that is awesome

Something else that's important to keep in mind when you look at these numbers is that the "typical" man or woman on OkCupid isn't "spamming" openers. So don't get super depressed if you've been spamming your opener to 500 chicks and don't have 250 responses - Like if you're spamming a solid opener to hundreds of women, you should be pretty stoked if you're anywhere in like 25-30% response-rate area, and even 20% and you're doing just fine. (obviously this is assuming we're only messaging the hottest possible girls we can find)

(This is pretty interesting)

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Thanks these are very

Thanks these are very helpful. Funny to see a woman give a talk on her dating woes and how she solved them, like a dude. Yet the public discussion on the reverse situation is completely opposite. People are so funny and sad when they try to talk shit on pooahs.. like really, dude? You haven't gotten laid in over a year. That chick next to you whose ass you're kissing.. yeah you're never going to bang her stop trying to look cool in front of her. Oh well. 


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Dude - that was the craziest

Dude - that was the craziest thing about the way people were responding to her Ted Talk - if it were a dude giving the exact same talk... it would be viewed as creepy//weird//predatory and people would talk shit on it. It's absolutely crazy. 

A huge part of it is just how over-valued manogonomy is in today's culture.  There's sorta a cognifitive dissinence between what people are doing and what "society" is saying....

More people than ever are not getting married, or remaining in committed relationships, but yet "society on the whole" still has this like fairy-tail of monogomy and continues to over-value it on an overarching level, despite the fact that reality doesn't synch up with this idea.