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Super Spicy Text & Lay Report (Censored Pic Included ;)

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Yo guys, daddy's here with a great story to tell....pic is at the end for those who are impatient :)

The story begins at Barnes&Nobles. I spot this intensely cute girl studying in the coffee shop by herself. Prime time baby. I head on over, place both my elbows on the table and w/ DEEP eye-contact, say "Hey...(pause).....I just thought you were really cute, wanted to see what you were like." Some stuff I've personally been working on, is practicing my opener over and over and visualizing EXACTLY how I want it to go. I'm talking down to the tonality, projections etc. Don't get me wrong, I can open with just about anything, but I always gravitate to a few key energy frequencies that suit me best. And by energy frequencies, I mean projecting a certain vibe from the onset of the conversation. A certain level of playfulness, dominance, man-to-woman etc. It allows me to turn my visualizations into reality WHILE staying congruent to my baseline personality.

Anywho, the interaction goes great and we talk about what she's doing, what I'm doing, pretend to help her w/ her super complicated work, she laughs, some teasing here and there, and I set up logistics for later and number close. *Important Note: This wasn't a quick approach and close. I was talking to her for about 30min before I decided to bounce. My game was really tight and she was really interested in me which is why I believe the texting went as well as it did. This isn't your typical results and definitely not for me at all mind you...

Just about an hour or two later, I immediately text her. Very important to build momentum on your interactions cause if you don't....she'll likely forget all the posi emotions you laid in her which means more work for you to do...NO BUENO

Me: Hey nerd, it was great meeting you, when you're done w/ those pythagorean reactions, let's grab a bite...just don't blow yourself up :)

Her: Hahaha you too

Me: Ya i hear Mcdonalds is giving away mathmatical calculators per happy meal. Weird how that works out... (meh, not my best)

Her: Haha you're silly

Her: I'm already at my home!

Me: Lame girl. Even Einstein would call you crazy

Her: Haha I'm sure he'd approve

30min (Honestly, I didn't know how to Good thing she followed up)

*More convo here and there

Her: Hahaha you said you had pics didn't you?

Me: I see what this is. You just think i'm some piece of meat...

Her: Noooooo haha. My roommate didn't believe it when i told her

Me: Well you ditched me earlier today you big meanie, you owe me some sexy pics (this was a serious gamble, considering how risky sexting can be if you do it wrong. I did my best to stay true to MW's principles)

2hr (Damn it I fucked it up)

Her: *PIC (Yes!! I didn't! Only MW got the courtesy of seeing this. Damn she looked hella cute)

Me: You're adorable, but you can do better than that. How about some nips ;) (Didn't want to look like a depraved dog for getting a pic, so I challenged her)

Me: The things i'd do to that pretty face tho...i don't think you could handle it though (Initiating the Blitz)

Her: Like what? (Hook, line, and sinker)

*Cue sexting straight from MW video

Me: Oh idk...slide my arm under your legs and pick you up and set you down on the counter. Lean down and softly bite into your neck as I curl you up into me.

Her:  *shocked emoji Oh wow (No resistance here, so I push forward)

Me: Press your legs down firmly....and run my hand up between your thighs as I warmly kiss your sweet little lips

Her: Haha hmm ok

15min (A strategic pause to bait her *actually my inner child was really excited so I couldn't text)

Her: What're you up to?

Me: Planning a trip in a few months. What are you getting your dirty lil paws into tonight? (Big Mistake on not getting logistics beforehand...but it worked out :))))

Her: Nothing really, i'm loaded w/ classes so I have to study

Me: Come over. (End the Blitz)

Her: Gosh I really have to get this chem done

Me: Bring your books. I used to teach Einsten ;)

Her: Where do you live? (BA BAM)

She comes over shortly after and I bring her inside w/ a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. She puts her stuff on my bed and I use the opportunity to come up behind her and immediately start kissing her on her to say she got super turned on and we fucked ike rabbits. :D It's important to note that you and the girl both know very well of what's going to happen, especially when you've been texting with such heat. Don't keep her waiting! In certain cases, when you invite a girl over for drinks, don't pounce like a lion just the field the field. In this scenario, it would be rude to keep a waiting customer.....well waiting :p

She leaves the next day after a solid morning round 2 and I realize I didn't get a pic to frame on my wall of conquests...I text her:

Me: I loved pinning you up against my matress headset and sliding your body all the way down on me. Oh gawd that pussy was delicious i had to lick it all up

Her: I loved every minute of that. You were amazing

Me: What are you doing?

Her: About to hop in the shower. You made me so dirty ;)

Me: I'm coming over. I have to take a pic

Her: Of what?

And here below we have the aftermath. Thanks for reading guys!

*P.S. The time from the interaction was about 10-11AM, and the texting begain around 1PM lasting until 7-8PM. To be clear, the convo lasted an entire day.

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