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Met this girl at Drai's last night

Opened her and her asian friend at the beginning of the night, merged some sets with them, then talked to other girls. She found me later and I got her #. 

I had a dude winging with me and we were with them for like 2 hours. Was kissing her cheek, neck, biting her shoulder, and had my hand down the back of her pants but she wouldnt kiss me on the lips. My girl was def. into me but the asian wasnt feeling my wing so much, they went to the bathroom and my girl said she'd be back, I went to the bathroom right after and I guess they left while I was in there. 

me: Yoo farmgirl, where u at?


her: Hey there...oh we're back in our friend just felt sick and wanted to go back so I took her back...I'm sorry! i hope u still have a good night :)

me: Starving, going to this amazing local spot, u should come- only locals know about this place. I'll swing by and grab you

her: Oh no don't bother, go and enjoy :)


me: Hey pumpkin. How's your day going

her: Hey :P so far so good :) chillin' at the pool

what about you?

me: Good just made a big salad

I'm chillin too, but the pool here is better ;)

Was trying to plant the seed of them coming over here for drinks.... im on the guestlist for surrender so i could tell them i can get them in there tonight, and come by to have drinks before, and then just hope it goes really well and bring them back to the room instead

What do you guys think the best move here would be?

I doubt she would leave her friend since it's just the two of them here in Vegas

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Joined: 05/01/2012
me: U guys should stop by to

me: U guys should stop by to pre-party. I'm on the guestlist at Surrender if you want to come with and get free drinks

her: we'll hit ghostbar tonight maybe we'll be at the surrender afterwards :)

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When did drais re-open? 

When did drais re-open? 

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Joined: 05/01/2012
Learning this shit is painful

I'm in Vegas bro

me: Fuck Ghostbar. That place sucks

her: well i've never been there so I can't judge ;)

me: I'm judging you for missing guestlist and drinks at surrender

I call her she texts me

her: we'll come over later

So this chick shows up with her asian friend again, as I said I spent literally my whole night at Drai's with her the night before, before she went MIA on account of her friend being sick. I see her and say whats up, then go talk to other girls. She's like constantly under fire since she's one of the hottest girls at surrender and there's a bunch of Immersion guys everywhere giving her all this attention. She goes to the bar to get a drink and I find her there after awhile, talk to her friend. I say we should all go walk around, and lead them to other side of club. We're chatting and I'm not high energy since I've been sick but I'm still being expressive and doing goofy dance moves and theyre laughing. This swiss guy I know comes in and wings me. He's a pretty good wing, I take my girls hand and start dancing with her She’s like “oh really??" im like yeah, she says lets go to the dancefloor then. 

I take her hand and start walking toward dancefloor. I let go of it at a point and expect them to follow but they dont... so i go back and re-group and lead toward dancefloor. While I'm walking them there this Immersion guy grabs her and is being super aggressive, she's like no no and i grab her hand to pull toward the dancefloor but she wiggles it away and stays talking to him for a bit before coming down off the platform

I start reinitiating physicality and dancing with her and I'm like "why're u being like that" (the vibe was obviously referring to how she wiggled her hand away when I was pulling her away from being attacked by that dude and she's like "I kind of like it"

I call her an attention whore and she laughs

When I have her in close she's like “we’re not hooking up” i say “of course not, i told u I go slow” (had this whole inside joke/vibe going last night about how I need 5 dates and she was loving it last night) she’s like “i might have to get a drink to dance like that”


so they go to get drinks, I re-approach again later and this time when its just us talking there, after another immersion guy moves his arm from between us, she’s like “why are u so attached to me, why are u following me around”

I know some guys on here are going to lambast me and tell me I fucked this up, but really, this is just obnoxious behavior. She had no intention of coming to this club (was going to go to ghostbar), was texting me smiley faces all day, then said she's coming and shows up, after we had hungout most of the previous night-- so I hangout with her and then she fucking accuses me of being attached to her and following her around? What a fucking cunt

This girl needed to be but in her place but I didn't do it right and still am not sure what needed to be done/said here. My roommate here says he doesnt think I did anything wrong, and I should have just had "abundance" and said "oh, well I was enjoying spending time with you but if you feel that way, have a goodnight" and left. But this doesn't seem right to me

So I'm like whoa, wait seriously, did you not come here because I invited you? She says "no" I grimmace "I have no idea why you would feel like I'm "following u" or act like im some kind of parasite when youve been texting me all day, and I invited u here and u came, I mean that just doesnt make sense why you'd feel that way"  she’s like “I’m sorry” and leaves. 



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Actually you handled that

Actually you handled that like a complete pussy. 

You needed to be the dominan male figure and know when to shut dudes down. She would have respected you much more. Vegas is kill or be killed. Guys are super aggressive and girls tend to be turned on by that because they're acting like, well, guys. Instead of sittin around with your dick in your hand and following her you could have been talking to the countless other hotties there. But nah, you just got butthurt, let her ruin your night and now you're still upset. She's not a cunt, she's being a girl. They're turned off by neediness, like everyone else. 

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I wrote a response to this

I wrote a response to this then my comp died which is annoying.

Look man, you write this as if I have NO idea what I'm doing. Granted, I'm obviously not happy with the results I'm getting which is why I appreciate the feedback I get on here

But dude, I feel like you think I can't read social cues, or that I was just standing around the club like a faggot the whole night. Not true. I was talking to other girls. Not just talking, picking them up, spinning them, putting them in full-on spectator mode with all of them giggling or whatever you want to call it. After this incdident with this Swiss girl, I fingered a girl on the dancefloor and then pulled her, although yes you're right I was still "upset" or annoyed/pissed because this other girl was being a cunt 

Like if I spend an entire night chatting with a girl, being intimate with her on the couch, teasing her, and the following day she's texting me :)'s all day, and then changes her plans to come to the club I'm at instead of the one she wanted to go to.... I'm under the impression that she actually wants to hangout with me, and wasn't just there for male validation and to be an attention whore.  I thought I could treat her like a person I had some kind of connection with, and for her to come at me with some nonsense like "why are u following me around" is obnoxious and retarded. She wouldnt have even been there if I hadnt invited her

I am not opposed to saying I made mistakes here, but I don't perceive my behavior as being needy. If she reads it that way then yes I must have screwed up somehow.  I just watched Alex's 2.5 hour "You are enough" Manifesto, and I was trying to use that style of game with her, but I guess I just don't understand it yet. He talks a lot about just being there, reapproaching, and not being weird or freaking out. I know I didn't handle it properly when she threw this bullshit of why are u following me at me. That's one of my sticking points, I don't know how to deal with the obnoxious tests and I get too logical and end up just telling the girl why she's dumb, instead of flipping it around in a fun/emotional way

Like I could have even said "why are u following me around??" in a kindergartener type of way and that would have been better than how I handled it 

Anyway I appreciate the feedback 

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If you bring a girl to the

If you bring a girl to the club you haven't banged yet you got to be gangster as fuck with her. Dude you're always looking for excuses/reasons to "relax"/"turn back into momma's boy"- look how that manifested here. At the end of the day your game simply wasn't good enough and she got attracted to someone else. Done. 


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