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Just a reminder to myself. I talk too much. Touch too little.

The touch is so much more important, especially when a girl is feeling hurt or upset, even if I don't agree with it. I need to not try and convince with words. Just ignore that piece. Shut up and touch. Shut up and Feel her. 

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Joined: 05/26/2017
How do I access those

How do I access those chapters lol!

What I think I'm realizing is that apologizing or saying I feel bad for something is actually just another way of making the situation about myself. What I'm basically saying is that I understand how it has MADE ME FEEL. I'm not acknowlledging her experience.  By talking too much it's creating more of a barrier, more of a wall between her experience and mine. 

She wants to be with me but by only acknowlledging my experience, I'm not giving her any space to legitimize, with dignity, the decision she wants to make... the one where she decides it's okay. 

In these kinds of moments, words are only going to convey my experience but her experience is much more emotional.... much more physical. I don't need to give the empy apology becuase it's just kinda selfish in a weird way.

I need some of dem chpaters