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long story short: i meet this girl on okcupid and she lives in a country very near of me...something like 2-3 h drive...

start talking to her and escaladed the convo to the point of her showing me she has a pornhub app un her phone:))for quicker access i think...very open topics like fav fucking possition and shit like that...she talks about me fucking her...

my question is how to manage this kind of dynamic so i dont fall in that trap of the guy who finds easy pussy and acts like a maniac and talks only about that like i never fucked anyone before...cause is very easy to fall for that to manage this kind of thing?...or better said...what is your point of view about it?

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Is she an escort lol? If you

Is she an escort lol?

If you want to meet up with her and try to fuck her do it like you would any other girl

or try sexting

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i will respect the sexting rule for now:))use it after sex...she is not an escort...she had a long monogamus relationship and she split...she likes to fuck pretty bad  :))that's it...she is like 19 years old and doing some interesting shit like bow target shooting and piano...

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Why would you be talking to a

Why would you be talking to a girl 2-3 hrs away in another country. DURR


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its good logistics actually...its a small country near mine...this summer i planned to go over there and i want to make myself friends there :)) btw...girls out there know how to live life...many are just like her...cause guys out there are like hillbillys...retarded monkeys