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"Resist Nothing" 

on the inside of my right biceps. It means to be in a state of non resistance. To accept whatever that present moment contains in it's totality. This is a way of being, that I have been using that has improved my quality of life tremenously. 

I'm also thinking of something that represents the end of living for the future. My entire life was spent with the present moment as a means to an end. A way of getting to some better place when I was finally going to feel fufilled. I was living in psychological time. Looking for salvation in the future and not fully appreciating the present moment, all there ever is. 

The realization I have made in the last year is that nothing will ever be better than this moment. I embrace the moment I am in, completley and totally. I keep improving myself and setting goals, but I don't do so on the premise that it will make me more complete or fufilled. Otherise life turns into a chronic obsession to arrive, to attain and to make it. WIth no intrinsic value. 

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Joined: 05/20/2013
By embracing the present

By embracing the present moment totally I have enthuisasm in my life. Which means complete joy for what I am doing, plus the added element of a vision that I'm working towards.

Representing this realization would be difficult. Obviously I wouldn't want something super mainstream like "be present" or "be in the now". That is super gay. 

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I'm gonna get a Jack of

I'm gonna get a Jack of Hearts, which represents the archetype of magician and lover coming together which I really resonate with (and my name begins with a J, less deep)

I'd want the character of the jack itself to look like egyptian art, maybe with a gold death mask

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Maybe a symbol/more artful

Maybe a symbol/more artful way to represent it if "the now" is too ghey. but resist nothing is probably the best way to textualize it.

If any of you guys want some quick mock ups of your idea of potential inks, PM me. I have a close friend whose looking to do some more tattoo designs, it'll be a good deal if they want to use you in their portfolio. Some of the ideas in the other thread were quite creative and can come to live with the help of a good artist.

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What dude. You want us to pay

What dude. You want us to pay your guy to do designs. Pff 


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Nah thats the thing. For a

Nah thats the thing. For a cool tattoo story and creative freedoms they'll do it for the cost of letting them use your tat for their site and shiz. HIt me up if you want some mockups

I saw on fb yesterday someone let them go free style and the result was quite.. unique haha