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TESTIMONIAL: Review of Manwhore's Skype Coaching (prior virgin)

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Hey, guys, I thought it’s time to do a review of the online program. I took the Skype coaching last September.


First, I will tell you, where I came from before the coaching. I am originally from Sri Lanka, but born and raised in Zurich. I was 23 years old, a virgin and a mama’s boy. At home, my mom would do anything for me, as long as I did well at university. This translated in other areas of my life, where I complained, didn’t take responsibility at all and expected others to help me out for my problems.

Despite me knowing game for 2 years, my results weren’t satisfying. I had couple of dates, I could count them with my 2 hands, but still never kissed, made out or let alone sex. Those dates happened, because I was on the right place and on the right time, it had nothing to do with my game skills. Those girls were all similar like me introverted people. At some point, someone pointed out, I had a terrible voice for game. More precisely, my tonality was shit. After each god damn sentence, the voice went up, it showed approval seeking and neediness, not a quantum of certainty or authority at all.

I knew the only solution to this problem is coaching. Back then, I only knew RSD, who provided pickup coaching. I bought once an online product, didn’t help at all. So, only bootcamp was left, but I was very reluctant, since it was expensive as fuck just for only 3 days. I didn’t think, it would help me in the long-term and fix my voice, my game or make some transformative change at all. At that time, I was very lucky, Todd left RSD and there was a thread about the reasons Todd left RSD and the opinions of others from this pickup industry. Two things, I got out from this thread.


- Bootcamp isn’t effective

- I found out about Manwhore. 

When I found out about MW, I went through the forums and it was refreshing to see people being critical and not taking everything as gospel in this industry. There I found out about the skype coaching. In the curriculum description was highlighted voice projection and physical escalation. This was great, because in the former, I sucked and the latter, I had none lol. So, after reading every testimonial, I submitted my application and we started in couple of weeks. Since I hadn’t the whole money, he was kind enough to let me pay the last 3rd after a month of the program.


When we started, we could quickly fix my voice tonality in the first weeks, but we didn’t stop there, we made it even better. My voice had this certain hmpff at the end, which I couldn’t imagine before the program that you can change your voice to such an extent. Thanks to him my voice became from liability to a powerful weapon for seducing girls.

That’s not everything, he did. He gave me a framework, how to seduce women. For each stage, when I get stuck, there were practical drills, to solve these issues.

In the forums, That Tolle audio was several times mentioned such a powerful tool way better than simple meditation. Through this I got more present and productive. I got more shit done. I didn’t waste time with mental masturbation.

Throughout the program, I got more confident and louder. My closest friends, who know me for 8 years, also realized that I became different guy.

I could do solid number closes with girls within minutes, which was mindboggling. I always thought, you had to take time to make it really solid like doing comfort stuffs or finding commonalities, but holy shit I was wrong. One of those number closes lead to Netflix and chill at my place and I lost my v-card.

But it’s not the results alone, which made this program great. It is the skills you acquire and also your mindset or outlook on the world. He taught me, what it really means to be a man. Taking ownership of your life. Being self-reliant, I mean this pickup stuffs is hard, you are like at war everyday. MW will guide you, he will give you the necessary tools, but you have to act in the field alone!


His coaching was a success and I would recommend it to everyone. I mean the price, 3 months of accountability, good structured program, the drills, experienced coach, who also knows this industry well, can help you through each sticking point.

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Awesome dude! Good to have

Awesome dude! Good to have you on here mang. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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I can testify to that. As the

I can testify to that. As the worst student John ever had. Ever will.


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