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TESTIMONIAL: Updated Skype Training Review - Phoenix Rising

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What up gents.

Just wanted to post an update since my last Skype training with Manwhore. First of all, this training is the real deal. I’m very grateful to have been a part of MW’s training. There is so much bullshit out there as well as pickup coaches out there who’s main priority is profit over transforming students into fucking Casanovas. And Manwhore cares more about your transformation and results and bringing more awesomeness to the women we meet than his bottom line - which is something super rare these days.

Since my last training with him, I underwent a period of maturation. Sometimes certain things from mentors just don’t “click” at the time, but down the line these seeds germinate and we gain deeper levels of understanding through which our experiences enlighten us on. I now have a deeper love and level of appreciation for women. They’re amazing. They demand us to continue becoming better men. If you want a high quality woman (or women ;) than you must become and be a high quality man. You must inspire and compel women to follow your lead into intimacy. And Manwhore coaches you toward becoming so much more than that.

Since my break-up last August, it took me till December to heal. During that time, I didn't really pursue chicks and underwent a minor period of depression. But nothing could hold me down forever ;) It was time to be awesome again. I ended up catching up with a cute latina chick from my college days and hooking with her. She's a good friend now and we still hook up. She’s quite supportive and tells me sex with me blows her away and every other guy doesn’t compare with me in that department. HA

In late December, I started approaching again and approached this hot white fit chick at the gym and let her know I thought she was hella cute. Talked shit about working out for a few minutes and then asked her if she was down to grab food sometime. She said she was down so I had her put her number in my phone and she texted herself. From there I found out more about her schedule and what day/time she was free to meet up. Then I hugged her and we parted ways. Then following some of MW’s texting advice, I described the awesome date we were gonna have and I set up that date via text for the upcoming Saturday. We texted back and forth during Christmas. Told her to wear something cute so we matched lol. On the day of the date I picked her up from her house and we grabbed some Mediterranean food at a spot with outdoor dining. Chatted, learned about where she was in life, what she was pursuing in school, her family life, and surprisingly her political leanings which happened to align a lot with mine. Afterwards I drove us to go see some of the amazing Christmas light displays and decorations in Torrance which was a nice drive away. We drank some wine in my car and then enjoyed all of the beautiful residential displays. During this time I would drop light playful sexual innuendos of which she challenged me back playfully but with full acceptance and enjoyment of our interaction. When we got back to my car, I looked at her sexually, leaned in a little bit and told her to "##PROPRIETARY_MOTHERFUCKER..." (something I got from Manwhore on this forum awhile back) and we made out. We continued to have sex and we both had an amazing time. Made her cum and cuddled with her after. She was happy. So was I lol. She told me that when I approached her, every other guy around us was just staring at me in amazement. They all would have loved to meet her but it is a rare instance that a dude approaches hot chicks in gym. It impressed her and got her curious to know me further and well… we had a good fuckin’ time. We fucked a second time after but after new years the vibe changed and we went our separate ways.

During this pandemic I got back into approaching girls "social ##### style" as Manwhore calls it. Super fly shit. When I took the training I didn’t really understand and apply this approach but now over a year later it’s the main way I approach girls. I've approached girls at the gym and grocery stores or wherever and just start conversations with them. Get that nice playful vibe with them and flirt with them and try to move the interaction further with them with more and more compliance.

I approached this one cute fitness chick "incidentally" in the gym who was trying to find a barbell and I told her she couldn't have it but I'd sell it to her for $30 which made her laugh. We started talking shit and sharing about each other's lives. I then suggested we workout together sometime. She told me she was actually down to workout with me right then. Cool. Nice segway into the realm of insta-dating which I'm new too. Sweet. So we end up working out together. Then we ended up chatting in the parking lot. Then I say "I'm hungry let's grab Mexican food." She's down. We grab Mexican food and end up eating in her car. We continue getting to know each other. We happen to talk about our exes a bit which was probably a mistake. But we continue chatting and she proceeds to share more deep stuff about her life and where she's at and I relate with her. I decide it's best I make a move on her another time. We text a little back and forth and then she randomly just dropped off the map. I realized that I can get girls to open up to me quite fast but sometimes this can scare them so you have to reassure them that it’s all cool and that you like them for more than their looks and that you appreciate them for who they are in addition to your physical attraction towards them.

Other approaches/situations:

-I met this hot black chick with a boob job at the smoke shop and setting up a date with her soon

-I met a sexy asian older chick at a NYE party who I went on a date with weeks later and still workin’ on. Funny enough, the asian older chick just hit me up right now after doing her own thing. (She likes to go back and forth with me. Women are funny lol)

-I’ve met a couple of cute girls and even some hot girls in grocery stores; etc.

I've been getting back into the game after a long break. So I'm getting back into handling "authority over self" before handling "authority over others” as Manwhore instructs his students.

After my training with Manwhore I also realized that I was too focused on having sex with girls. Sex is fucking amazing but there’s more to women than just sex. I’ve matured a lot since then and focused on building more female friends. You learn a lot about women when you’re friends with them. They open up to you in ways that would blow your mind. You learn about their hopes and dreams. Their insecurities and their doubts. What they love and hate about men. Their sexual fantasies and what they're into. You start to understand them on a deeper level and that’s a beautiful thing.

This Saturday I went wine tasting with two of my female friends and they invited their female friends. Turns out I was the only dude with 8 girls. It was a wild experience. When you’re the only dude in a group full of women they start fighting over you. They makes moves on you. They act likes dudes trying to get a hot girl. It’s fuckin’ hilarious lol. Anyway, I banged one of the girls at the end. I think wine tasting will be a great new hobby ;)

On Sunday after church I went out with some friends to apparently the most amazing Mexican food spot in my city. The chile verde burrito was fuckin’ incredible. Out of this world fuckin’ otherworldly shit incredible. Anyway. So we enjoy an amazing meal and afterward a buddy and I start walking through downtown. I say Hi to chicks as we’re doing our own thing. One chick straight up told me to take her number to which I did. She was an attractive MILF with a nice boob job. MILFs are usually not my go-to but hey I enjoy exploring lol.

We proceed to go check out this bar that was straight poppin’. There’s a line for the waitlist but we go in and I try to just grab some drinks with my buddy. I tell my buddy we’re gonna meet these two hot chicks sitting down at a table nearby. I tell him to follow my que. I smoothly socially ##### approach them and get them to have us join them at their table. I’m getting the whole table laughing and having a good time. I got the vibe that the girl I was into was into me as well. My buddy wasn’t the best wingman so I had to captivate both girls’ attention (damn is it hard to find a good wingman! I'm starting to think it's best to just go out with female friends and get them to wing you lol). My girl was into me but I don’t think I managed to lock in her friend. I got my girl’s number and trying to set up a date with her later on this week. (My current sticking point is text game and follow-up game so this is something I’ll be focusing on.) We walked out together and I invited them to join me and my buddy to a wine bar. My girl seemed down but her friend that drove them wasn’t down so we parted ways.

I part ways with my buddy and call that chick that gave me her number earlier. She sends me the address of where she’s at and it’s at this small old-timer bar. We chat and make out. She definitely wants me. I feel the jealous glare of 90% of the dudes there. A couple of them try to AMOG me but this chick is definitely more into me than any of them so I don’t take any of their shit seriously. I joke around with them and shoot the shit. Two guys actually befriend me. The others still glare and try to make her and me feel judged. We don’t five a flying fuck ;) I try to move her out and towards a private location. I’m only able to move her between the bar and outside the door since she wants me to get to know her more before we fuck. That’s fine with me. We shoot the shit and I’m being awesome. Having fun with her and making her feel a wide range of emotions. She buys us drinks. Cool shit. We shoot the shit and later on I drive us to her house. We put on a movie, I hear her story, and then it was bangtown USA.

Anyway. I have a lot more to learn. I’m looking forward to further training with Manwhore and learning from the old top guys here on the forum. Let’s continue to all kick ass and seduce the beautiful sexy wonderful women in our lives and show them the best time of their lives ;)

Cheers Fuckers

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I love this write-up, bro.

I love this write-up, bro. It's one of my favs.

Btw had to mask some proprietary content lol


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