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Backstory:  I met this girl sharing an uberpool.... very chill conversation and I got her Instagram.  

My text game is currently awful because I've been away for most of the winter in Colombia, where I mostly messaged in Spanish.  It took a while for me to make it more interesting.  

Me:  How was the rest of your weekend :p  12:25 Pm

Her:  I didn't really do anything, just worked. You?  3:52 Pm

Me:   Went out to a buddy's party and then the *hipster club*   4:34 PM 

Me:  I was fairly sober but my buddy was really drunk so I had a great time watching him do dumb shit all night 4:34 PM 

Her:  Nice  4:37 pm

Her:  *hipster club* is pretty great 4:37 PM 

Me:  he stole a birthday balloon.  It was like watching a little kid lol 4:37 PM 

Her:  Omg hahaha that's cute 4:37 pm

Me:  Ya it was a good night.  What do ya do for work? 4:38 pm

Her:  I work at an optical store 4:41 pm

Her:  We sell glasses, sunglasses, and contacts 4:41 pm

Me:  Ahh sick.  I usually get mine at clearly. 9:18 pm

Me:  Oh gawd today was amazingly warm.  9:18 pm

Me:  I didn't actually realize it was Easter till halfway through the day *Monkey hiding his face emoji*  9:19 pm

Me:  Did ya end up using today as an excuse to fill up on chocolate like I did :p  9:19 pm

Her:  Haha I know I'm sad I had to work, I was quite sad to miss out on the nice weather :(  and no I was craving chocolate and wine but didn't have any chocolate at home. 9:34 pm

Me:  Aww.  We need to remedy that situation 9:39 PM

Me:  What's your work schedule like?  Pretty harsh of them to make you work today huh 9:39 PM

Her:  Yea it's litearlly just me and my boss so he has nobody to cover.  I work Fridays to Mondays usually.  But this week I'm working Tuesday too 9:49 PM 


Me:  Ah ok that's not too bad.   9:51 PM

Me:  Let's go on a chocolate eating and wine drinking binge later this week, we'll get fat but it'll be totally worth it haha 9:51 PM

Her:  Hahaha that sounds fun *crying of laughter emoji*  9:59 Pm 

Me:  How does Thursday work for ya 10:31 PM 

Her:  I'm going out for my mom's birthday :/ 10:37 PM

Me:  Dope.  We'll figure out an exact day later this week that works. 10:39 PM 

Me:  I got a bazilliion things I need to do this week :(  10:39 PM

Her:  Mhmhm *thumbs up emoji*  10:41 PM 

Me:  Alright I'm about to pass out for 10 hours have a good night 10:44 PM

Her:  Niice I"m getting an early night too!  gnite *Smiling emoji*  10:44 PM

Next Day (All in the space of 2 hours from 8:30 to 10:30 PM)

Me:  Sends funny meme about kendrick lamar

Her:  Omg hahaha yesss!

Me:  Haha it took me a second to get it

Me:  Whatcha upto on this cold evening

Her:  Just hanging out at home, nothing really

Me:  Same, I'm listening to reggaeton and missing Colombia

Me:  I should pack you in the suitcase next time I go and sneak you in ;)

Her:  Ahhh thats awesome!   I'm still listening to the new Kendrick aha.  You go there often?

Me:  Fairly often, going to Colombia and Brazil the upcoming winter, and hopefully Mexico as well. 

Me:  I'm not going to lie, my main reason for going to Mexico is to stuff my face *monkey face emoji*

Her:  You're very lucky

Me:  Ya I fell in love with Colombia, who knows maybe one day I'll live there

Me:   You working tomorrow as well?  Sounds like you just got off?

Her:   Yeah I've heard it's beatiful.  & ya I am unfortunately :/

Me:  Dang :(  Sounds like you work pretty late too  

(Instead of beating about the bush trying to fish out her schedule, I should have straight up asked her schedule.  That was lame as fuck)

Her:  No I work till about 6 or 7 usually

Me:  Ah that's not too bad.  I'm free in the evenings if one of these days works for ya for our wine and chocolate binging spree ;)

Me:  Like Bonnie and Clyde but with food instead of money, I think we'll be excellent partners in crime

Her:  Haha where would we get this wine and chocolate?

Her:  Haha Bonnie and Clyde!  How did you know I"m a criminal   

Me:  Woah I'm actually an undercover cop.  I'm going to have to arrested you and search you for contraband.  

(poking to see if she'd bite on that, but she didn't)

Her:  Jokes on you, one of my good friends is also an undercover cop

Me:  Jus playin :)

Me: You're around the Danforth area right

Me:  I'm thinking we grab one of the many bottles of wine my parents have lying over the place and enjoy the sunset at the beach.

Me:  I trust their taste better

(the sunset at the beach was a dumb idea considering its cold as fuck and we're not having any nice days soon....)

Her:  That sounds like very good time!  Hopefully there'll be a nice warm day soon.

I passed out after that last text.... I need to get back to her.

I'm definately way too logical in this conversation.

I also feel like I"m being very indirect (fishing about for her schedule instead of straight up asking her what it's like).  Also I'm not using any endearing nicknames or even calling her beb/boo.... which I need to do.  It's very dry right now.  

She does seem pretty down though.  Just have to keep things interesting, navigate our schedules and set up a proper meetup.  

Also the way I met her is the way I met my other solid lead I'm texting.  

Chill conversation, me talking about what I'm passionate about (travel and such), and my voice was fairly on point and a good amount of time with them.  Both situations weren't me approaching direct but situational (one girl was introduced to me by her gay friend, and this girl I met on the same Uber).   On the other hand I'm not doing very well with my other approaches recently since I came back to Toronto.  Weird.

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Yeah you need to start

Yeah you need to start actually talking about and describing the vibe/what'll happen when you two meet up. Advanced "time bridging". Challenging, competitive, etc. I wouldn't try any sexual disqualification, but did you even flirt with this girl at all? Seems a bit platonic 

Boring but it's working. Make it happen


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Joined: 12/03/2012
Manwhore wrote:Yeah you need

Manwhore wrote:
Yeah you need to start actually talking about and describing the vibe/what'll happen when you two meet up. Advanced "time bridging". Challenging, competitive, etc. I wouldn't try any sexual disqualification, but did you even flirt with this girl at all? Seems a bit platonic 

Boring but it's working. Make it happen

There was very little flirting with this chick during the initial interaction.  Mostly me expressing myself but there was another dude and the uber driver in the cab, and she seemed shy so it didn't really get very flirty.  But she seemed to like me... in a very low key kind of way.  

You're right, I'm going to start playing up scenarios that'll make her aware what the vibe will be like if we hang out.  And some challenging and competitive would go a long way as well with adding some emotion/flirting into this.

She responds very quickly, my gut says I just have to keep this going, keep the vibe solid, and occasionally go for the meetup in a funny way.      

Edit- She just apologized for being flaky.  So I think its solid, just have to keep presenting more opportunities.