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Alright I’ve been meaning to do this for quite but nonetheless 

As Mario would say: “HERE WE GO”


Alright so I have a lab with this chick who’s just a banger, Idk how to explain this girl and I quite thoroughly believe that there are no words that would do her justice/ describe her beauty. OH and it helps that she’s just my preference: Dark Skin just dark skin they can be anywhere from skinny to thick/chubby I just think Dark skin/black women are gorgeous :). Also this is one of those cases were I don’t realize how hot this chick, until I get to really check her out (never really got the opportunity, tried looking her up and maybe within the past week I finally found her and WOW. 


So the First 2-3 weeks of class I was partnered up with her, lets call her Brandy (its better that way for reference sake and that’s not her name btw just felt like saying that haha) and another girl. 


Then We get split up (FUCK a great idea just popped in my head, will talk about it later: Callback) because we need to be in the groups that the actual professor assigned us in (alphabetical order, fucking Garage) and I say actual professor because he isn’t the one teaching, it’s a grad student SMH. Its like that for everybody. 


Anyways here’s what I know about her is a Junior in college about 21 (freshly turned lol) She’s a criminal justice major. Hates the class (since it’s a night class). Don’t remember what kinda job the girl has but I believe its something related to her major (solid maybe on that one). One of the times when she heard my last name and she asked me if I was related to her EX I asked her whom and she concluded that me and so & so weren’t, it was kinda random but not. While listening to her I got sort of a nervous/anxious vibe, I believe that it comes down to how she was saying it. When we were still partners she needed a ride or something and her phone was dying, I didn’t have my battery pack :( and after we got done with the assignment (we can leave right after we’re done) so I tell her that I can give her a ride it’d be no biggie and she said its fine, I insisted once more and she declined. I believed that she called her mom to let her know whats going on and to pick her up. We say our goodbyes and we leave. 


I didn’t get her number while we were group members but I ended up getting it last week. 

Here’s what happened last week: I was walking to class covered up since it had been raining hard I remember trying to get there early so that I could talk to this chick (I honestly believe that she was the type of girl that gets to class early, so I figured this is my chance shot my shot, anyways I’m walking over to class and I’m crossing the street and I seen someone walking in the distance towards me on my left, all while I’m focusing on walking (I’m wearing amazing dress shoes but there’s puddles and water throughout my path to the sidewalk.



We were both arriving at the same time (a few minutes after class)

 Now after the sidewalk there’s these three little stairs leading to a building (where I have class) and so I walk over and as I’m about to take a giant step for mankind on those that second step of the stairs, I look to my left and I see her. I kinda slip/stumble but it wasn’t horrible looking I quickly caught my footing. That’s it folks this girl caught me slipping LOL. I say to her something along the lines of “I thought I knew who that was” and she says hey! Then for whatever reason were both talk real quick about class and I bring up the fact that I have the paperwork from the when we both were partners and tell her there’s going to be a final on the material and then hold up my phone towards her get it ready to receive thy digits and she grabs it puts in her number and gives me back the phone almost knocked it out of my hand (another thing I could of used lol another Callback). Guys this isn’t my best work, I was obviously caught off guard looking back at it but that not an excuse. Anyways I get number she says that she hates this class, I was about to say something witty and funny (hopefully LOL) she opens the door and I say like maybe two words or nothing at all, can’t remember. Look I was all bitched out or in awe of her I just wasn’t too present so that may have been it (I promise I didn’t look like a lil bitch besides maybe the slipping lol). 


The next night, I text her on my way to class and here it is:


Me: Hey police kitten hope you didn’t get rained on

Her: who this

Wth Lol


 I believe that I was either driving to class or just before I started I texted her this:

BTW I sent her this with the damn slightly crap grammar that I’m now just realizing SMH

Me: We were gonna be in a partners but the moment they said you can’t rob bank, you stormed out screaming “f*ck the establishment!”


Me: text her a picture of a cat that’s basically dressed up in a police outfit (I looked for the best one)

Me: only for your viewing pleasure: ever tried it lol


Now I remember I sent this before driving!!


Her: this is weird please don’t text ev

Her: Me


She calls me and I’m driving and I hear a masculine voice (I was thinking WHOM the fucketh is this) “who’s this?”

I say hello? Followed by saying the same thing.


I was thinking she has a boyfriend, after taking a look at her FB I realize that that might be her brother. 


After thinking I was talking to her boyfriend


Her: Omg it’s you! Lol why didn’t you just say your name instead of texting all weird

Her: Sorry for being rude!!!

Me: My thought process: I’m just gonna joke around with her, she can handle it”

Me: You: “Fuck you & lose this number!” Lmao

Me: Umm who did you put on the phone to talk to me, I didn’t recognize the voice lol I was in the middle of something anyways so I couldn’t talk

Me: you’re on thin ice girl :P 


This was a week ago and I haven’t gotten a response since. 


First it was this chick saying that I was being weird (via text) and I got told something else by a different girl. 


Idk what’s going on but more than one (two) girls are telling me I’m either coming off weird, dramatic, and EXTRA…. 


Am I coming off as too over the top or a bit try hard. Is that what I’m doing? 


These girls are more or less telling me the best way they know how, what I’m doing wrong as it seems. 


How do I get this convo back on track and the others to come.


I’m most likely going to put up the other convo of where I’m fucking up. (I believe I will)


Been Busy with school & work and of course I’m texting other girls but I’m messing up somewhere and I want cut that out and get back on track. 

For whatever reason it’s not really doing the text format well but I try to fix that in a bit. 

Let me just say I wasn’t trying to come as weird or anything, I genuinely thought I was being funny. 

I really didnt expect her reaction in the on in the very beginning of the texting. 


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Your probs are a bit deeper

Your probs are a bit deeper than that honky. ;)

I'm gonna have you work with a couple of my guys I'm training into coaches. They're already quite proficient so this should work out well. Hit me up over email 


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On it

Already sent the email. Lemme know