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She seems pretty crazy, but just overall critiques on how I did. I was hammered for the most part, but met her out on the streets while she was walking her puppy. Interaction was solid, said I would see her around again. Matched with her on tinder so I just went straight for the meetup. 

Me: Hey let's get tacos

Me: Witty banter included

Her: Haha I'm down for tacos :D

Me: Sweet let's do tmr night. I'm free after 8.

Her: OH GOSH. Totally missed that message :')

Her: Did you end up getting tacos? I'm in the Bay right now

Me: No I got a burger instead, with guac, and lots of drinks

Me: I'm really drunk right now

some more back and forth. Next day I shoot for the meetup again, trying to figure out when she's back in town, her vibe switched real quick though and she took control of the frame and I look like a lil bitch

Me: I'm actually drunk again lmao. When are you back in town? I'm craving tacos and adventures, but you prolly couldn't hang with my shenanigans 

Her: I think you have a drinking problem! :)

Her: Mama said to be careful of boys, so I don't think going out with a drunk dude I met downtown is a good idea :'). I'll be back in town tmr

Me: Lmao this is why you kids can't hang (referring to her school's reputation for being kinda nerdy). Ill be sober if we meet. But we're hanging out tmr when yer back

Her: You're such a FUCKER I swear. But I like that lol. But Make fun of us one more time instead of eating tacos you'll be eating my fist

Her: We'll see. Whether we hangout or not depends on your attitude

Me: LMAO. Don't hate. Yall are good 2 shoes. Nothingn wrong with that

Her: You know, I'm not sure if we should meet For all I know you could just kidnap me and sell me off to mexico for drug money or some shit

Me: You could be a 53 yr old man catphishing me to steal my identity

Me: I bet your real name is bob

Her: You have a point there. Then I guess we shouldn't meet. It's for the best for the both of us

Me: That sounds too safe. I like living life on the edge. 

Me: I don't mind being the victim of your prowess on the show "To catch a predator"


Her: I'll go if you pay for the tacos

Me: Deal, but you're covering the ice cream afterwards

Her: Nope

Me: Then you better have a netflix subscription

Her: You would have to pick me up too. And we don't cuddle. No cuddling because "I'm a goody 2 shoes" 

Me: Are you not human? Shoot me your number

Her: Nope, I don't give my numbers out to strangers, sorry. Or maybe you could try harder. If you offer me something I like, maybe I'll consider giving you my number in exchange. 

anyways I pushed past that easily got her number but she's putting up some resistance, seems kinda fake though and just trying to get me to soften up or whatever. 

Me: Wear something cute tomorrow

Her: Why the fuck would I wear something cute for tacos?

Her: Why the fuck would I wear something cute for YOU?

Her: Here's my number (xxxxxxxxxx)

What would be a good text opener response to her little test?

Joined: 01/18/2012
"Wear something cute so we

"Wear something cute so we match. Duh" 


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