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Text game with girls who speak shitty english. is it better to just call?

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I run into a lot of cute latinas in Toronto.

Their english isn't the best.

Last night I spent quite a bit of time with a cute brazilian chick and got her number.

Should I just call her tomorrow to set up the date and skip texting her?  I already mentioned hanging out on Sunday and she seems onboard.  

I feel like texting is a really shitty way to communicate with her because her english is pretty bad(beyond setting up logistics and such).  Its like when I went to Latin America... girls had to really simplify their communication with me over text cause my spanish was beginner level.  

Thinking back to it all the spanish girls that I went on day 2s/met up with again(pretty much the only girls I have gone on day 2s or done re-meets with are latinas lol, they love me), they all are cool with talking on the phone and prefer it to texting.  

Lemme know what you guys think, I'm leaning towards just the phone call and fuck texting except for basic shit like logistics.  

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l i never texted girls in s.a

l i never texted girls in s.a unless they didnt answer my call.

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Yeah call them. Just ignore

Yeah call them. Just ignore the language barrier and plow 


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Manwhore wrote:Yeah call

Manwhore wrote:
Yeah call them. Just ignore the language barrier and plow 

Yeah did a mix of whatsapp and called her today.  got interrupted by some random indian lady calling me who i couldn't understand lol...

We're meeting up wednesday depending on if her job calls her in or not(she got a new job and doesn't know what hours she works).  she's investing a lot into the interaction(messaging me and taking initiative with setting up the day 2).  

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Yo so I went on a date with

Yo so I went on a date with this chick.

I'd say it went well.  We got a pitcher of beer, I bounced her back to my buddys room downtown.  Heavy makeout session and a halfass handjob but wasn't able to go further than that.   

Pretty sure I can get laid on the next date.  This girl seems to like me quite a bit.  


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Nice man, set up a well

Nice man, set up a well planned logistical date and get er' done. 

I also agree calling is much better. Every girl I know that has poor english that I've gamed, I skip right to the phone call. In fact, I usually always call unless I know the girl hates calling cause my text game isn't that strong yet. It's easier to portray your personality if she can hear your voice I find. She can pick up on the calm, cool, collected tonality and be at ease and it'll help you out with getting her out in most cases. I also think it's hit and miss with some girls. I'll call and they'll ignore and send me a text straight away. 

But, back to the point. Foreign/Poor English --> Always, I call.


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