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Here's an excerpt from my night out (some time ago aka the first weekend of the year, January 6th lol) where I meet her, I honestly don't remember the entire conversation but it went well so here it is:


"Then I sort [of] look behind me (like over my shoulder) and see some big titties and whom they belong to, not bad.


I start chatting her up I think I make her laugh about something I don't remember what we did talk about but we were both kinda waiting in line since its packed. I end up moving around to find a spot to get in and get the bartenders attention instead of waiting. Look to my left see an opening and take it, I'm there for a seconds and look at the girl I was just talking to, we make eye contact and I gesture for her to come her she promptly comes ;)) and we start chatting again I still don't remember wtf we talked about but then I turn to pay my tab, pay it quickly and then get back to her. Boom go for the number, she puts in her number and a she's doing that, she tells me that she hardly ever gives out her number sure baby doll… oh and her name is Tanya."




Me: I don't always move a person from one line to another but when I do, they wind up getting amazing drinks for themselves *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Her: haha you get things done good job

*****next day*****

Me: LOL I saw my shot and I took it *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Me: Super long Monday, passed out last night after sending that :/

Her: Ah I see, yeah Mondays suuck, lucky me it's mah day off *laugh emoji*

Me: Well isn't someone the selfish bunch, we could've roobed a pizza joint after I was done crime fighting Lol smh *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Her: You're a cop? I would pay for that pizza though I swear… *nervously laughing emoji*

Me: Lmao you don't have to be a cop in order to be a crime fighter ;)

Me: LOL did you just reveal a dep fantasy of yours to me: buying a cop a pizza as long as he shares it with you ;P

Her: Haha that's true, you could easily be talking about fighting crimes in video games *laugh emoji*

Her: no but really what do you do? I'm intrigued

Her: And if you wanna go there, I do have a thing for men in uniforms haha

Me: Lol hey fighting crimes in video games is no joke, takes serious work! Haha *laugh emoji*

Me: I just wondering if I could trust you with this info… *thinking emoji and a ;P* I sell paint lol

Me: If that's the case then I want you to know that I wear a uniform to work ;)

Me: I don't mean to be an absentee daddy just having long days at work :/

Her: Lmfao *laughing emoji*

Her: You're hilarious

Her: how do you fight crime selling paint??? *laugh emoji* [insert confused girl meme here]

Her: Also what color is your uniform? Haha

Me: Haha thank you, pizza kitty *cat emoji*, you need a nickname name now ;P

Me: Well the major key with the paint is imagination. Sometimes it can be hot and dirty or beautiful & artistic depends on how I'm feeling that day/night ;)

Me: you should totally send me memes that takes us to the next level LMAO

Her: Haha I have you down as bar hottie on my phone

Me: Blue & Khaki, doesn't get any better than that ;) ;P

Her: sends meme *about cat standing on two back feet with caption: did someone say pizza?*

Me: I like it, these names it's our thing now ;P

Me: kitten eyes don't work unless I hear the purring *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Me: But you're in the right direction ;)

Me: sends meme with pizza delivery man holding pizza with caption: Not all superhero's wear capes*

Her: Haha that’s cute, don't be mad at kitty, but, what your name name? *laughing emoji*

Her: Sends meme with hand transforming into pizza and caption: when you accidently touch your soul

Me: I'm not mad at kitty Lmao it took you this long to ask for my name ;P I'm {insert secret identity here} *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Me: be inside the pizza, better yet become the pizza *pizza emoji* lol

Me: I did the causeway run today, came back home last out & just woke up lol

*****it was almost 10 pm when I sent that and by last out I think I meant something else but got autocorrected*****

Me: sends meme with Weiner dog sitting on couch leaning top right leg on couch hump with caption: "Yeah, I'm into fitness. Fitness whole Pizza in my mouth."

Her: Ooh look at you, that's awesome! I like doing stuff like that too you should've told me :)

Her: I think bar hottie suits you but myyy baad nice to meet you {secret identity} *laughing emoji}


About 20 minutes later when she sent me this I kinda thought it was on but keep peeping the convo


Her: What are you up to tonight?

Me: Wow you have a way with names ;)

Me: Tonight I'm going to that place we meet ;P

I almost invited her out with something along the lines of: yeah well you can come out if you like or you can meet me there if you like but I didn't I want to see where her interests where at plus I didn't want to be a date at the bar/club & put my eggs in one basket on a Saturday night!


Her: wheeerree

Me: *name of venue*

Her: Oh okay I misunderstood my bad *laugh emoji*

Me: how about you? *monkey smiling emoji*

Her: meme about cat bundled up like a burrito with caption: Purrito

Her: Literally me rn


The next day


Her: How was your day? :) I just got out of work

Me: it's kinda late on a Sunday, where do you work at? Lol I slept in most of the day, sore from yesterday hah ;P

Her: haha guess

Me: meme with Leonardo Dicaprio making a pissed off face with caption: When you're about to leave work and the boss says "before you go…"

Me: you work at a bar? Lol *thinking emoji with nerdy smiling emoji*

Her: Haha perf meme *the A Okay sign emoji* I'm supposed to be out 9:30

Her: nope not a bar

Her: You get two more tries :P

Me: Idk where you work, not too many places that get out kinda late on a Sunday besides bars and restaurants lol

Me: *;P and thinking emoji*

Her: Not a restaurant either

Her: Worst cop eveerrr haah

Her: I work at {name of place} *laugh emoji*

Me: Lol my next guess was gonna be a church or something *laugh emoji*

Me: hey cops aren't guesstimaters ;)

Me: Hasn't anyone told you guessing is a dangerous game *confident smirk emoji with ;P*
Her: I would've thought your next guess was stripper *;) :P laugh emoji*

Her: Church though, good one haha

Me: Actually that was gonna come right after church ;P LMAO

Me: Yeah oddly enough church & strip clubs were all that came to mind for late Sunday night haha *laugh emoji*

Me: What cha got your paws into pizza cat *cat emoji*

Her: Haha I'm in bed already like a good kitty

Me: haha already purring yourself to sleep, that is a good kitty *cat emoji*

Me: I take it pizza cat worked hard today *confident smirk emoji*

Her: I'm off mondays :P

Her: I just start getting sleepy around this time hehe

Me: Well well lucky you *monkey emoji covering mouth*

Me: How's your schedule for the rest of the week sleepy cat *cat emoji*

Her: 1:30 to 9:30pm but it might as well be 10pm -_-

Her: Everyday until Monday

Her: How about you

Me: You work the rest of the week until next Monday? Wow that's crazy, poor kitty

Me: I work or have school until Friday then I might have some plans on the Weekend

Me: Damn if you need a day off just call in & tell them you need to rob a bank ;)

Her: Yepp just one day off. It blows. What are you studying?

Her on the brightside, I don't hav eto wake up too early for work with this schedule


*the next day, Tuesday*

Her: I'm stuck at work *sad with a tear drop emoji*

Her: My windshield and windows are frozen wah


*Today Wednesday*

Me: I'm studying business/marketing, its good to know that you're a glass half full kinda chick pizza cat *cat emoji ;)*

Me: I had to work & school plus I went without power last night. I passed out when you sent me that text :/

Me: This weather is crazy, I'm not fond of it … unless you know it snows then snowball fights @ work (or anywhere) ;P

Her: Heyy bar hottiiie

Her: That's a good pathway, how much longer til you finish?

Her: Yeah this weather is annoying me since my car heater isn't working -_-

Me: Hey cold pizza cat *cat emoji* haha

Me: Does someone want to be my sugar baby :P LOL most likely within a year

Me: Well dam that sucks I'd hate the weather too! Lol

Her: If anything you would be my sugar baby before I'm yours. I'm banking rn lol


This is where we are currently at I want to get this chick out & bang her. Due to her Schedule she's only off Monday's as of now. I know/ want to seal the deal and get her on a date and I probably should have done it already but I didn't find out her schedule until like Monday night. Her and I have been texting since then I think we're in a good place but I need to transition it to the date/meetup). Should I wait until Sunday/ Monday to set it up and get her out (set it up Sunday & get her out the next day or not. I think thus far I've noticed my texting is getting better, aside from not getting her schedule a lot sooner. As of currently my schedule is as I say in the text its Monday-Friday either School or work and on Friday's & Saturday's I go out.


Please feel free to critique what I got as I'm trying to get better, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Bro we've been over this.

Bro we've been over this. COME ON. Atleast I think we have lol. You're not pulling the trigger fast or hard enough. *cough *cough "Fast & Furious". There are atleast 3 opportunities you could've taken to get this girl out and fuck her.

1)When she asks you what your plans were

2)When she says she's tucked in to bed like a good kitty

3)When you guys are covering logistics afterwards

Enough of this horseshit playful texting. You're good there. You've got the creativity and funness down, you just really need to adopt the killer instinct we've been talking. Check out the monthly membership if you haven't already and read "Fast & Furious"

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Hey man, helpful response,

Hey man, helpful response, thanks for sharing. 

Would you mind giving an example for any of those 3 opportunities you listed of what you would have sent back to press things?

One of the hardest parts for me in trying to read through all of these text convos is to understand all of the sub communication, but equally as tough is how you are gauging where things stand via text. I’m still having a hard enough time with this in person (thankfully getting a lot easier), but via text, i just have no idea lol

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
1)You should come drink or

1)You should come drink or chill with me afterwards, doesnt matter to me tonights gonna be a rager regawdless. But you have to promise to keep this kitty obsession on the low, i have an image ;p

2)A couple ways you could go about this:

”Ugh lame! Was gonna suggest something awesome but a curfew really isn’t gonna cut it lol”

^Trying to bait her here

”Ya i could come tuck you in and protect you all night from the monsters hiding under yout bed. I just hope there’s waffles for me in the morning”

^Bait again from a high value position

note: I wouldn’t actually send these but its an example of what you want to go for. You’re pushing a meetup but in a way that isn’t creeper or lame or needy etc. You’re seeding and when a sliver of a window opens up you jam your cock into it lmao kidding but ya seriously dont break your cocks ;)

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Continuing where I last left off.

I pick up where I left off with the texting. Now I took the advice that Jihad had given and just thought fuck it I might as well just throw it out there and lets see where this goes, this was my thought process for the most part going into the situation.

 This is a continuation of this post.

Keep in mind I pick up right where I left off with this chick via the Original Post aka up top^^:

 SO it should be noted that this is a long time in the coming. All the texting as I’m proud to say has been done all by me, needless to say but I got better at texting. I kept forgetting to post this but I just gotta for Jihad & Niv Mizzle, can’t give them enough credit, these guys have been in my corner, helping me out, they know their shit! Literally subtle things that I don’t notice they point it out and it’s like throwing a fucking pebble into a lake and watch that shit ripple or making a nice ass bounce. ;D

It’s the subtle things like I mentioned with Jihad (& Niv) telling me I need to become trigger happy and start blasting my awesome juice all over it (texting/interactions). If I do this then odds are, I’ll find a chick who’ll tell me where to cum not when (oddly seems like a fun predicament)

Me: Well if that's really the case then picture me in a uniform and dress yourself up as cat woman, I'll put you in handcuffs real quick ;) *monkey emoji*

Me: Lol it's been a long & cold Friday crime fighting

Her: Lmao!

Her: just got off work

Her: What did you really do today dork haha

Her: Heading over to my friends house rn so we can jam out. What are you up to


Me: I worked the majority of the day today lol

Me: I was about to head out to *city*, go to *Name of Venue* wanna swing by or meet up

Her: you don't live here wuhhh haha yeah we can meet up

 Her: I just gotta go to band practice for a bit, they said latest is 12 so idk how you wanna do this lol

Me: Yeah I live in *we live in separate cities, with me being 20 minutes apart*, actually too far *meant to put not too far lol*, like right by the expressway haha

Me: I wouldn't mind but I have to wake up early tomorrow for work. Do you have band practice tomorrow night after work? Lol


Right around here and a little bit later I'm kinda think of rescheduling since I didn't want to pretty much be tied down to one chick the entire night aka putting all my eggs in one basket, sort of a risky move.


Her: Haha that's cool I had no idea, its hard as it is to get the band together lol everyone has their own stuff going on, but when we finish, I could go by the venue or idk

Her: Are you meeting people up at the venue tonight?

*I don't respond since I was putting gas in my car*

*I get this text message about 20 minutes later*

Her: so are you coming?

Me: Yeah I know how it is people are into a lot of different things.

Me: Well that would be cool to meet up tonight but I'll be at the venue until 12:30 then head home

Me: Well yes/no I have homies that usually play pool at the venue so I meet up with them then play a game or two lol

Me: Do you have any plans on Monday?


Here for sure this is another point where I'm trying to reschedule, specially towards the day I know she has off because well it would have been better that way from the way I was thinking that night. Like I said earlier I don't want to blow my load on this one chick. I didn't want to do it but I stuck it through, see where this could lead. Actually I feel like with my texting I pretty much lead her over the edge in terms of being attractive and witty so basically like Wahib said all I had to do was just pull the trigger and what ended up happening….


Her: Oh okay, darn, well I'm kind of leaning towards meeting up with you

Her: at the venue *laughing emoji*

Her: I'm off on Monday, only plans were to go buy an external hard drive and shop around

Me: LOL let's meet up on Monday, Pizza kitty lol *cat emoji and ;P*

Me: Like why don't we give that external hard drive the attention it deserves you know haha ;) *monkey covering mouth emoji*

Her: I'm on my way already, too late :P

Her: Are you there yet?

Me: Yeah I'm here lol


*I LIED I actually went to the store to buy condoms, it never hurts to be thorough ;) lol thank you Jon. Either which first I get to the venue then after gauging where we were at in the text I realize that if my dick were to say cover me I'm going in, he wouldn't have a condom so I zoom off and buy a pack of condoms and rush back to the venue.*


Her: Lol I don't get that one you're gonna have to explain in person

*she was talking about the attention to the external hard drive text I sent her ;)*

Me: Lol alright then!

Her: How did you drive in this fog!

Her: I'm here btw


So as it ends up happening, its basically a date at the club/ bar. I would wind up spending my entire night with this chick something I kinda didn't want to do since I wanted to talk to other chicks of course but as I've said I need to see this through. This “date” winds up turning into a really good time for both of us, honestly I feel as if I spoke to her on a deep level / more man to woman than I probably ever done, like my game went up a notch or two. Oh yeah, and you could bet your ass there was penetration ;) lol.

Now this is all the texting leading up to the meetup. I’ll post up the ENTIRE interaction as a separate post because it truly deserves it’s own post.  I learned quite a bit with the texting. There’s more that I need to work on including texting so this truly gets me excited and I keep seeing improvements, even the mistakes remind me to dig deeper & remember all the hard work and improvements that I’ve made thus far. The next post is coming VERY SOON boys & girls…

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So you fucked her? 

So you fucked her? 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Full answer in my next post.

Yes/No I winded up fucking up in the end, in terms of mindset. 

You'll understand once you read my next post.

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
He didnt fuck her cause of

He didnt fuck her cause of some dick issues but we cured him of that last session.

But he had her naked and finger blasted her. This girl WANTED his dick but oh well. Upset she didnt get catch’s cuckoo lol. 

As far as i’m concerned, he made it. He just needs to get his ass to the club and he’ll fuck again 

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Yeah it was crazy

I think I got in my head doing a car pool there at the club, since I know that cops tend to regularly come around that club, so I ended up nervous/ in my head about the whole ordeal. Needless to say it's great learning experience. 

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Thanks Jihad & Niv Mizzle

Daddyjihad1 wrote:
He didnt fuck her cause of some dick issues but we cured him of that last session.

But he had her naked and finger blasted her. This girl WANTED his dick but oh well. Upset she didnt get catch’s cuckoo lol. 

As far as i’m concerned, he made it. He just needs to get his ass to the club and he’ll fuck again 

Dude it really help put things into perspective, you truly have to bring yourself into the equation because when you take yourself out then what happens is that you really take yourself out of it and guess what no Hulk smash on wonderful Cakes with all the cream inside ;D !