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Went out Christmas Eve after a session with a gay/lesbo bar lol.

Long story short, I was leading a conversation of 6 people 5 of whom I just met.  Engaging everyone, cracking jokes.  There's only 1 girl probably a 6 but cool personality.  
At some point I start talking to her 1 on 1 but still in the group and it's totally cool because I've been so relaxed having a good time that all the guys were cool.  

She's wearing a sweater with a japanese sweater and I tell her sushi is my 2nd favorite food.  She wants to know the first.  I make her guess then eventually say Chinese.  She says she's never had good Chinese so obviously I tell her we're going to get some bomb ass Chinese food this weekend.  She pulls out a tiny notepad lmao!  I write down some good chinese food and my name number and tell her to text me. 
I probably should have been like "girl, it's almost 2015. there's something called a smartphone, you have one right?  OK cool what's your number?"  Then start solidifying plans for this weekend.  
Maybe this isn't a mistake but I also invited the whole group to hang out in downtown this weekend and right before I was leaving the girls brother double checked that the girl got my contact info.  

Wanted to get your guys advice since I didn't expect to get a text from her and I invited the whole group out which I haven't done before...

I'm thinking either see if she's down to meet 1 on 1 or get them out for NYE and isolate her there but I'm almost certain there are hotter girls around on NYE.

Her: Hi Frosty.  It's xxx and company from Xmas Eve/GayBar... How are you?


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You sure you want to take

You sure you want to take them out for NYE? Probably cooler things to do I'd imagine 


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Joined: 08/13/2013
Yea you're right...I'll try

Yea you're right...I'll try and set something up for next week.