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Joined: 12/03/2012

Really debating doing a 30 day challenge soon.  Not a super hardcore one, but just one where I hit it hard for a few days a week, and do a couple of approaches on the other days to keep me warmed up.

What made me think about it is each Thursday I'm out, and like the first couple of hours I just suck balls.   Really makes me realize how much momentum I lose during the week, and I'd rather hit Thurs-Sat running. 

I have a crib downtown but I usually go home Sunday evening and stay there till Thursday to work.  My crib downtown is a shitty basement room where the internet sucks.... while at home(my parents) I have a badass PC and a big ass office room that has a sun roof and a nice garden view.  Its pretty clear which one is better.  

The crib downtown is crazy well located.  LIterally me and my roommate sometimes just sit on the porch and hit on girls passing by.  Like fuck... last Friday I woke up, wanted to check my texts so I went outside, and I did an approach in my pajamas lol.    

But for productivity it sucks, I'd rather be home Sunday evening to Thursday because I can get way more done.  Its just more calming and easier to work in a nice big home office room with a good view.   The only issues is my parents is far away from downtown so I can't exactly go out and approach in the porch.  But there's a subway station and beach 20 minutes away each, so I'm thinking of just popping in my headphones, listening to some tolle or some other audiobook, and hitting up a couple of approaches during the weekdays to get a 30 day challenge done. 

My idea is this-

Thurs-Sat Full Night game including after last call street game.  Fri and Sat- Do some solid daygame sessions.

Sunday- Solid daygame session.

Mon-Wednesday-  Hit up the beach or the subway station to do 1-2 approaches just to talk to a girl.

Thoughts or Suggestions?  I think this format should not hurt my productivity at all while still keeping my sharp for Thurs, Fri, Sat nights.  

Joined: 12/03/2012
Btw girls wise, I really want

Btw girls wise, I really want to do this so I can start banging cute to hot girls consistently and get a couple of cute fuck buddies.

I banged two girls in April, both who were alright looking girls(I'd say 1 was a 6, and the other was a 6.5).

Toronto isn't an easy city lol.  If I can consistently bang 1-2 cute girls/month I'll be VERY happy.   Because then I know I can kill it in most other places.