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Yo how's it going dudes, lately been getting a lot of matches on tinder (I started Tinder like 2 weeks ago)

I am trying to learn as much text game as possible from Tinder, so I'll probably post some more convo's with other girls but this one in particular we'd already agreed to meet up but now she does this shit....anyway here's the tinder convo first

I took the advice from my last thread and tried being less funny and shit as I feel like it comes off too tryhard

Me: Hey there *name*

Her: Hey there *my name*

Me: I'm hunting for groceries for a bit

Me: What are you up to on this sunday night

Her: Haha hunting for groceries wow

Her: adventurous you

Her: I'm scrolling through spotify and refreshing my playlists haha

Me: Yep, gotta feed the whole tribe

Me: But luckily I too have spotify while hunting

Me: Are you a bit adventurous yourself

Her: Very much so

Her: I like climbing trees, to canoe, swinging on liana etc

Me: ohhh damn gurl

Me: Tinder is too nerdy for me, send me your number

Me: Then we can go climb trees together and hang out like monkeys

Me: I have climbing experience

Her: hahaha too nerdy

Her: ok that's a good reason for my number

Her: *number*

now the convo goes over text, this Tinder convo above took place over several days btw

next day I text her

Me: Hey *name*

Her: Hey hey!

Me: pff just finished up an exam...BAM at least a 10

Me: Hey let's go hang out on trees Monday

Me: and then we can eat ice cream at the end (I realized later I fucked up by not mentioned a time and place)

Her: How cool! vacation now?

Her: hey yeah love the idea

Her: especially the part about eating ice cream appeals to me

Me: just 2 more to go!

Me: cool. You can climb trees if you get tempted to do so on the way to the ice cream parlour

Her: Exciting. What do you study?

Her: hahaha well how cool that I get the freedom to do that

Me: *my study*

Me: and you?

Her: ohh nice

Her: I was doing law school

Her: But didn't pass my first year

Her: So will probably doing liberal arts and sciences next year

Me: ha just had an exam of a subject in that area 

Me: prepare for lots of philosophizing and books that say the exact same thing but with a different explanation

Me: ;)

Me: and about monday, I'll pick you up at the station at 7. Hopefully it will be less warm by then

Her: hahaha yeah wow you've made me super enthusiastic now ;)

Her: uhm yeah monday

Her: I would love to, but I had an operation on my tonsils, so I'm afraid I will still be on painkillers in bed by then (monkey holding his eyes emoji)

Me: oh that's fine

Me: did you have any other day in mind

Me: pick one where you're off of those painkillers

Me: I don't want you to be grabbing for your box of painkillers every 10 minutes ;)

aaand she hasn't replied yet, I know she's read it though but how can I go about this to still get the meet up cuz she seems eager but I don't wanna push her too much

Thanks a lot!


Joined: 11/02/2012
Stopped reading after she

Stopped reading after she said she loved your ice cream idea and you completely ignored her and kept talking bs.  She gave you a very clear sign that she was down to meet up and all you had to say was "cool, how's this place at this time on this day?" and this was in the bag.  


60% of the time guys that follow my advice get laid...every time