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People been asking about tinder conversations so here's one today. She's a stunning model. She actually messaged me first. My profile photo is a ripped shot of me at my cottage haha so she went with the classic 

her: Do you even lift 

me: Lol pfttt please! I'm so over this whole 'lifting thing'. I just eat icecream and watch neftlix (definitely the way to take this. Guys that are jacked, it's refreshing when a girl sees that you don'e define yourself based on your physique. This is when being in good shape is way cooler and more attractive) 

her: Oh you get that a lot eh?

her: Wow my two favourte things

me: Hahah perhaps we will get along. You're not a loud chewer, are you? Cuz I don't think I could handle that (Pull then push/qualifcation)

her: I can promise you I am not a loud chewer haha. Don't you worry

me: Fewf! So whacha up to this summer in toronto (establishing some rapport)

her: I'm not from Toronto haha but I have an agency here that I'm doing some work, I just got finished a lingerie photoshoot lol

her: Do you live here

me: Lingerie model eh. Damn so you have a better body than me. Shitttt ;) (Definitely don't like complimenting girls for being models and didn't think any push game was going to do anything at this point) 

her: Oh I hiiiighly doubt that ;)

me: Hahaha I'm flattered! What say we take this off the crazy world of tinder. What's your number (used her flattering me to go for a quick number. Going to get her fb, make sure she's super hott, then a bit more qualification then set up logistics) 

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Haha stellar

Haha stellar


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Fucking gold.

Fucking gold.