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Joined: 05/12/2016

have been chatting up this chick for a couple days and have a planned date on friday, so we'll see if it sticks...looking for some feedback and will update this as it goes along. Usually I go for the number, but for some reason I didn't think it was the right move here...not sure why though :)

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I think you could do some

I think you could do some qualification here to make this even stronger, while getting her number at the same time. Something like:

1st Msg:

Ok and I think you should send me another pic so I can verify you're not ACTUALLY a 52 yr old dude who just so happens to not be wearing any pants right now while he's chatting me up on Tinder ;)

2nd Msg:

Shoot me a text ### ### ####. I promise to only stalk you on Tuesdays ;)

By the way where'd this "You smell lovely" come from? 


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Joined: 05/12/2016
well played sir! Need to up

well played sir! Need to up my aggressiveness because I would not/have not done stuff like that in the past via text....seems simple now after thinking about it.  The "smell lovely" is in reference to my profile where I say I smell like roses in full bloom. Should I try and turn the texting sexual before the date or just keep it casual banter?