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Me: one picture (name)?

Me: this account screams catfish

Her: hahahha I have more! :P look at my insta (name)

Her: yours is too by the way

Me: couldnt find it

Me: how is my account cat-fishey?!

Her: only one pic hahaha I promise its there, try (name)

Her: and yours?

Me: dude i cant find it

Me: excuse me I have 5 pics geezus

Me: no insta for me

Her: you're not trying hard enough :) its the only proof I have is insta

Me: I think I found your twitter but it doesnt do  any justice

Me: whats your snapchat

Her: (name) :) :)

Me: your gonna send me a picture with the dog filter

Me: with smiley faces?

Her: HAHAHA no smiles

Her: your cute and defintely gonna kill me :P but im studying for finals and look insane rn can you trust that

Me: hmmmm i dont know te fact your still typing in tinder really makes it more weird

Me: gimme your # text me when your not living out hell week

Me: yah know what ill text you

Her: ok its (number)

Me: Hi (name), (name), (name) or a collection of other catfish names

Me: this is (name)

Me: so you have my #

Her: hahaha i figures btw I wouldnt trust you with my number if I thought u were fake so that had to prove something huh?

Me: hahaha well yes I figured that

Me: but I thought the whole drama here is that your fake

Her: I have a story posted on snapchat btw also proof and I can send you a rescent pic

Me:yeah that story is a blonde haired girl (shes not blonde)

Me: send nudes

Me: jk

Me: send recent pic

Her: (pic)

Her: recent pic posted on my insta, youd know if you had one :)

Me: ok I believe you now

Me: your gorgeous

Her: thank you :) told u you can trust me about being real

Me: I really do now! its great im glad we got that outta the way

Her: me too! so all I know about u is u believe in aliens like it says in your profle :) and you go to (college) and your very attractive what else?

Me: hmmmmm I like to go skiing and eat chipotle

Me: so i think thats everything

Her: chipotle is my fav too! skiing ive never tried :) hahahahah im pretty clumsy but I really try hard to be outgoing and adventourous ya know? what else are you studying

Me: yes adventours is always good :)

Me: (i talk about school)

Her: thats awesome hahahah you're prob a sophmore in college and im a senior in highschool i knoew youd ask eventually :P :P but only im 18! I want to go to (school) for education

Me: lol I wish I was in highschool still it was so fun

Me: (college) is fun!

Her: legit didnt think you were gonnna text me back after I told you how old i was hahaha

Me: hahaha no i dont car eits not like your 16

we talk about normal stuff, she really want to discuss college and seems really excited

Me: Iv been in calculator mode for 48 hours and I notcied I never got back to you

Me: just had the craziest dream last night :) whatcha up to

Her: hahah thats ok:) what was your dream about?

Me: some strnage creature biting my fingers :P

Me: i feel like it started sexual then moved to that weird shit

Me: my dog was prob nibbling on my fingers in my sleep

Her: haahaha that means you are home im taking it?

Me: ( we talk about dogs)

Her: just like max hahah he cuddles with me and is the best! I have another one too, shes grump tho!

Me: oh i hope she didnt learn that from you :P

Me: you know what they say pets are always like their owners

Her: no no hehehe I love to cuddle for sure tho :)

Me: ohhh I could out-cuddle you any day ive learned from the best :)

Me: pull your lil bod close to me it would be so fun

Her: hahaha I doubt your better I am the best :)

Me: i hope you would back this up

Me: maybe id kiss your delcious lips too if your cuddling skils were up to par

Her: oh shoot hahaha well see about that! :) <3

Her: mmm you dont know if im as tall as you either hahahaha cuddling wouldnt be the same :P :) :)

Me: dude I fianlly found your insta

Her: thought you didnt have one :P

Me: I just had to log into my old one

Her: I have a couple, you better be on my most recent one because the others are embrassing

Me: lol yes I saw the first one I was like dayyyyyum shes way to young

Me: then I realized it was from 2012

Me: but what about you being as tall lol

Her: omg i only have one password so ill follow back on one

Me: i dont get that

Her: im 5 9"

Her: im kidding i wanted to scare you

Me: ohhhh lol I lvoe girls that are taller than me

Her: im 5 4"

Her: are you kidding :P

Me: no im not lol im 5 8" and ive dated girls taller than me yes 

Me: but thats a cute height 

We joke around for a bit, talk about how im old for using facebook

Me: gawd this studying is killing me 

Me: I need ice cream

Her: hahah your are a bit older than me but its just a number :) your not old at all

Her: whens your winter break

we talk about winter break

Me: lol that sucks!

Me: we should break into your school and change all your grades to A's

Her: :) :) omg we think the same way

Me: :)

Me: we could eat chipotle while we do it

Her: thats all I want :) :) hahaha i was dreaming about chipotle yesterday but had to settle for mcdonalds :(

Me: lame

Me: so lame

Her: I didnt have anyone to go with

Me: shoulda invited me

Her: I didnt know you still wanted to talk to me haha I thought it might have been a one time thing

Me: lol i no woulda made that clear

Me: lets go tonight and eat all their gucamole

Her: I want to :) but I have to babysit

Me: bring the kid

Me: jk

Me: whats your schedule like tomorrow?

Her: I think i might be free :)

Me Its abig study day for me but I could make it out the bat cave around noon for a lil bit

Her: hahahah Ia ctually laughed out loud yes that sounds nice

Me: we can figure it out in the morning

Me: dont sleep too late i know highschoolers tend to do that :)

Her: I rarely sleep :) im pretty sure i have insomnia or something? maybe you could diagnose it? hahaha

Her: (name) your meeting with a girl from tinder is this weird? hahaha

Me: we could do an exam

Me: nah lol I have a great friend from tinder ive known her for 3 years

Me: I screened you well enough

Me: I trust yah

Her: hahah have I screened you well enough?

Me: send her a meme of a rooster with a man bun "luis, 23, sells fake xanax to his friends, texts your girl at 3 am, drives everywhere on suspended license" this is what your dealing with

her: I have mace in case :)

Her: well if i get killed its my fauly for having  a tinde rin the first place and going out with a stranger :) arent I so positive?

Me: your the one with 3 instagrams

Me: now thats shady

Her: hey I lost all my passwords

Me: likely story but illt ake my chances since your a cutie

Her: i couldb be a serial kille

Her: hey at least ill get chipotle 

Her: hahahha tell me something about you i dont know

we tak about photography and singing. I try to make her comfortable 

Me: thats normal

Me: we will discuss the college transition tomorrow lol because its weird for everyone

We talk about normal things for while, she then tells me she asked a mutual friend about me who claims I was cute, smart, and polite

her: omg some kid peed on me this morning at work

Me: hahahah! oh no better not wear the same clothes with me tomorrow :)

Her: and if I do?

Her: :) :) hhaha

Me: you obviously would have to take them/it off

her: oh no :) thats not approciate on a first date silly but i promise not to smell like pee

Me: lol it didnt have to be interpreted like that :)

Me: wheres your head at :)

Her: I know what you meant :p

Her: your a guy

Me no no that was an emoji-less text how naughty of you

Her: hahah ok my b im too caught up making a ginger bread house :)

Me: okay ill let it slide

Me: ok im getting back to work with this organic chemistry :) :) :) text yah in the morning and we will figure when we are going to become chipotle enthusiasts

Me: ok <3 have so much fun :)

next morning

Me: Hi you still down for lunch today :)

her: told you i wouldnt over sleep and I set an alarm for 10 just in case hahahah I really want to meet you! I promise! you may stop texting me but I was wondering if we could hold off until im a little bit more comfortable? if not its totally ok it doesnt hurt to ask :) im sorry dont hate me

Me: yah its okay :P

Me: your gonna miss out on burritos

Her: I really do want to be a chipotle enthusiast with u :) <3

Me: lol its fine

Me: not everyone can handle it :P

Her: omg I will make it up to you'd if you still want to see me

Me: ill see you anytime

Me: just very busy for a while tbh

Her: your so sweet id hate me if I were u hahaha i know your schdule must be crazy w studying for finals  and everything!!! im a jerk you made time for me today and evetyhing :(

Me: no worries

Her: ok :( im sorry dont go too hard studying today

This is a fun conversation and she's obviously very sweet. I am sure we will meet up at some point, and she already wants to make it up to me which is a great frame to work from. I am still dissapointed because I know there are still a few details that I could have changed and she probably would have not bailed. I think I overgamed at a few points, especialy because she's in highschool. She had some buyers remorse the next morning. I tried to show some dissapproval and still get her out but I really did not want to be insutling because I take that too far.

Joined: 01/18/2012
Wtf happened to your game

Wtf happened to your game


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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What! This ain't too bad at

What! This ain't too bad at all

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Her: <3 I really hope youll

Her: <3 I really hope youll give me another chance and I promise I wont bail this time I know school must be crazy busy for you so let me know id like that

Me: lol dont stress about it

Me: your gonna have to make it up to me somehow :) but we will figure somethin out

Her: sounds good :)

Me: Like i said earlier no clue how my week is gonna be

Me: but if we can sneak out for a lil bit ill let you know

Her: hehehe yes yes thatd be nice :)

Joined: 01/18/2012
PFFF. #yougay #supergay

PFFF. #yougay #supergay #wheresyourcape


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Me: (name) you know you owe

Me: (name) you know you owe me ice cream right :0

Her: now I do silly (monkey emoji) whats your fav place?

Me: I am a major advcoate of froyo

Her: does this refer to go berry in noho?

Me: you would try and kid nap me all the way to (town) :P

Me: lots of froyo here

Her: im already planning it :) :P

Her: im plotting to take you away from your books and studying for at least a little while

Me: oh no i may put up a fight

Me: ill be nice n gentle tho

Her: I am strong I can handle it hahaha

Me: I like that

Me: im free tuesday and thursday this week, when are you not babysitting the young animals

Her: friday :) :) I have to be in work at 5 on thursday

Her: does that mean I wont see you?

Me: was going to be in bed early friday cuz I ski early on sat

Her: ok hmmmm I am babysitting at 7 on friday so if you wanted to do something early I can see you before then if that works?

Me: we could make that work

Me: you bailed on me last time so I wanna make sure this is real before I make plans with you

Her: ok yayyy <3 yes it is real

Me: listen this is gonna be spontanous since we are time limited

Me: be ready to be awesome and buy me ice cream

Her: im ok with that :) as long as I get to meet you

Me: aw your so sweet

Me: I think we will get along just fine :)

Me: what time are you free friday

Me: im done with class at 12

Her: 2-7 :)

Me: what time will you be home and ready to kick it

Her: (name) im not as familiar with froyo around here as you may be

Me: they are everywhere we will find one to overthrow

Me: we will do a froyo takeover jack up the prices and get fithy rich

Her: thats sounds like a plan :) <3

we then set up specifics

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Me: sup snowflake Me:hope you

Me: sup snowflake

Me:hope you didnt turn into an ice cube today

Her: :) :) <3 haha that was cute may have even made my day

Her: im frozen but dont worry

Her: im like an old person

Me: no old is not fun

Me: dont be old around me

Me: I just had amazing vietnamese soup with friends :)

Her: haha you sound so cool (kissy face emjoi)

Her: vietnamese soup :) tell me about it

Me: argubaly the ferrari of soups

Me: its healthy but spicy and interesting

Me: plus the chops sticks are fun!

Her: im practicing how to use them!! haha where is the place?

Her: im at work getting trained to work the front desk :)

Me: its right next to my school

Me: oh sexy secretary style

Me: I should probbaly let you work justw wanted to say wassup

Her: no no I will try to keep getting back to you they dont mind <3 ill tell you about it when I get out

Me: send me a snapchat of you and one of the lil monster children

Her: im at the desk today silly no children :)

Me: hahaha those poor children they prolly miss you

Her: I  miss them :) well reconncect tomorrow

Me: right

Me: hope they dont throw toys at you :)

Her: hahaha they wont <3 the ones tomorrow are my cousins :) are we still doing ice cream even as chilly as it ight be tomorrow?

Me: yes we are

Me: if its tooo obnoxiously chilly we will improvise

Her: ok (kissy face emoji) im excited hehe do you think I could meet you instead? I promise I do want to see the infinity and have the full out experiencing of your driving!   <---we joked few days earlier about speeding being sexy

Me: what do you mean

Her: can I meet you whereever we are going silly? im just thinking it might be easier if I come right from school <3 and if we hangout again I promise you can drive

Her: is that okay?

Me: thats weird lol

Her: I didnt think so haha hmmm

Me: are you one of those girls that chnages theirs minds every 10 seconds lol

Her: nooo im far from one of those girls. just trying to be caustious

Me: caustious about what

Her: well its our first time meeting so

Her: id like to see you but I dont want it to be an issue

Me: dude your creeping me out I want this to be fun not weird

Me: your making this weird

Her: lol then im not the girl for you if you think im being weird

Her: im sorry

Me: i hav eno problme with you meeting me somewhere lol

Me: get what your saying just thought we were going past that

Me; like to actually have an awesome time not jsut sit across from each other at a table for 15 min then part ways (crying laughing emoji)

Me: kat was talking about you today lol I didnt know she was friends with your sis

Her: thats not what it would be at all I really do want to meet you and get to know you

Her: what was she saying ? :)

Me: im not telling you :)

Me: jk she said you were a very interesting person and how you sing

Her: good interesting?

Me: yes of course

Me: interesting is always better than boring

Me: im going to see star wars rn

Me: never seen any im excited :)

Her: im glad :)

Her: thats so exciting

Her: your a busy guy

Me: she said you were artsy but not in an annoying hipster way lol

Her: hahaha are you into that (crying laughing emoji)

Me: hipsters that drink cheap beer and wear vans absolutely not

Me: I like  artsy-ness

Her: I dont own vans and defintely dont drink cheap beer (crying lauhing emoji)

Her: hahahaha

Her: thats a crazy sterotype you have

Me: its a great sterotype to play arounf with (cyring laughing emoji)

Her: omg your insane :) hahaha I cant believe youve been out all night instead of studying

Me: I got studying in

Me: trying to have fun with college friends before break :)

Me: movie is starting

Me: txt ya in the morning so we can figure out whats going on

Her: ok (kiss emoji) have fun

Next day

Me: morning

Me: nice n icy out there

Me: get your fur coat reasby

Her: I know I have im almost positive I have frost bite everywhere (crying laughing emoji)

Me: lol its like a tundra out there

Me: what time are you out of school?

Her: I got a big coat for christmas but my mom wouldnt give it to me hahaha maybe she wants me to freeze

Her: at 2 :)

Me: I got a nice flannel and didnt get it yet either!

Me: okay so we are meeting at (name) mall where its nice n toasty

Her: (crying laughing emoji) im sure other places have heat haha why there?

Me: we are mall rats

Me: and i need exercise after sitting at a desk all day

Me: finished my last class of semester

Me: feels so good

Me: lets meet at 2:45 (name)

Me: sears parking lot thats my fav entrance lol

Me: everything okay?           <---sent this 10 min before we were supposed to meet 

I sat in my car and called her at 2:55, she picked up and immediatly hung up. I said fuck it and walked the mall on my own and left. Tried calling her at 8 to see whats up and yet again she declines. This situation sucked because she bailed on me once before, and Im not sure what im missing. Earlier I tried to shape her behavior about wanting to drive herself opposed to me picking her up, and I think I may have been out of place by doing that. It turned into an issue. Also, I don't think I gave her much room to express herself during the entire convo I sorta over did it and lacked emotional acuity. The texting today was sorta lame and it defintely did not frame our date as awesome, which this girl REALLY needed. She clearly had an issue with going to the mall yet I wasn't listening well enough. I thought about calling her rude as fuck but shes in highschool and did not feel that was best.