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I just finished reading pottedflower's post which included examples of his texting strategy for Tinder. Amazing stuff. I just got to thinking we should compile an assortment/collection of openers, segeways, and scenarios specifically for Tinder, since it is different from any other form of game, really. The stuff pottedflowers uses will be unusable in the forseable future, if not already.

The basic breakdown, as I see it is A.) Initial opener (intro). Potted flowers uses a simple "hey" / "what's up" strategy, but that doesn't work for everyone. I'm guessing he's a fairly attractive guy?? B.) Replies to HER initial reply which generally are pretty vague and short, like "living the life, how bout u" etc. How a guy replies to this first reply by her is super key. And, perhaps, the most imortant for getting into a convo. Should be something that totally catches her off guard. And, last but not least C.) Fantasy scenarios to pull her into other than the ones used by pottedflowers.

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I prefer to go in with  me:

I prefer to go in with 

me: What's up I want to meet you! 

I also like to use 

me: don't get a big head or anything but... I want to meet you! 

might evne try

me: Gawdd you look cute! I bet you're a loud chewer tho, I don't think I could handle that 


me: You're gorgeous! But you do seem like the crazy type, you don't drive a rape van, do you? 

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Also a lot of girls have

Also a lot of girls have their description set to "if anybody asks, we didn't meet on Tinder"

In that case I'll go in with

me: Hmm fine but I get to make up the story as to how we met 

her: Ok so how did we meet then

me: I was in the middle of doing my usal bank robbery. And my usual get away driver totally bitched out so I jumped in your car with 5 mil and the rest is history

her: Wow creative

me: Yah do you think your friend will buy it? You do seem like the adventurous type 

her: Hmmm depends if you can pull off being such a rebel

Okay this is when my side comes out and I want to go exuberant, but I've handelled this part and learned not to qualify and spin it on them

me: Yah that's the least of your worries

me: How are your driving skills? Or are you a bad driver (hands coveirng eyes)

her: I'd say pretty good 

her: You're in good hands

me: Okay and before we take this off tinder. I have to ask, you're not a loud chewer, are you? 

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These are great openers and

These are great openers and follow ups!! My standard opener has been (and I literally just got onto tinder) owning the fact that I don't know any openers and owning it completely.

ME: Fuck tinder lines. They're beneath me. How's yer night, whatcha up to? (only because I don't know any!)

Her: Dayum!! Cut to the bone with that raw intro! Ballsy. I like it. I'm just edging toward my office door to rough it in SF down to Fremont to help a friend pack her family home for her move on Thursday. How about you, rugged beast man?

ME: Ah, you know - stopping crime and beating up bad guys. Care to joing me sometime?

All I got so far, but I'm new to this whole tinder thing. I usually get a few/couple responses to that per day depending on how much time I put into swiping on any given day...could be more if I do a lot of swiping.

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I have gotten some good

I have gotten some good response from

Me: fuck pick up lines, let's just meet up and get some drinks

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Me: Let's find a roof top and

I'm using

Me: Let's find a roof top and drink cheap beer


Me: Howdy, Tinderella