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Me: Don't get a big head or anything, but I want to meet you (Cheers, bateman)

Her: no big heads here

Me: Ha ya looks pretty proportionate for a giant

Her: ha, maybe

Me: Jeezus you're only 5'7"? How'd you do it, smoke and mirrors

Me: Fuck. I know. You're a witch.

Her: Damn, you got me

Me: Gawd. How do I get myself into these situations.

Her: Probably just bad luck

Her: or good luck, depending on how you see it

Me: So, usual right. If we grab ice cream you'll refrain from turning me into a slug

Her: ha, well i'm always up for ice cream

Me: Ha sweet. I love extra sprinkles. Drop me your number

Her: who doesn't... *number*

Moved to whatsapp

Me: What's up witch, very impressive grin you have there (commenting on her profile pic)

Me: Whereabouts do yah live?

Her: ha, just a happy day

Her: *down the road from me*, where do you live?

Me: Ha, my back yard

Me: *Where I live*

Her: ha, okay nice!

Me: Ya very cool, so what're you spending this ridiculously hot evening doing

Her: just home now, need ot shower.. should we meet up somewhere?

Me: Ya sure, I can be around

Me: *meetup place*

Me: How long dya need?

Her: 30, 45mins?

Me: Cool. *meetup place station* for like 9 works for me

Her: sure! the underground?

Me: Ya, *underground line* beb

Her: Great! see you there!

...All of this is in the space of 1 hour, if that. Wtf, Is this real life? Going just to see wtf happens. Updates later.

Joined: 02/13/2013
Egh, should've just gotten

Egh, should've just gotten her address. Now I have to deal with pulling. Eh, fuck it, live and learn.

Joined: 02/13/2013
Fuck, this shit is

Fuck, this shit is amazing.
Sexy fucking Swedish chick. Didn't bang her. Argh.
Met her, we went to this random little carnival/fun fair place in the park- grabbed a couple ice creams. Smooth physicals, then makeout. Chat a bit, sit down on the grass and play with her little body, wrestle and tickle her a bit. More kissing.

I say let's go. We walk up towards my place (she shares a tiny place with 3 other swedish chicks- thinking I pussied out of what could have been an awesome situation, nvm, live and learn) give her a little tour, push her up against some walls, rub her pussy while she strokes my dick through the chinos. There's an annoying lack of secluded spots in my area lol. All pretty open. I need to explore, haven't really found myself in this situation often in the past.

I always tell my auntie before I pull a girl back to the place, just common courtesy for her really. Anyways I get her to the place and don't take her inside cause I haven't told the auntie. Retarded. I give up on finding a place to pull in the end. My game plan was not clear enough at all. Gotta work on that.

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