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Just curious as to what you guys reccommend for pics when using Tinder.

Haven't used this app in forever but would like to start using again. Before, my main issue was getting good pics and then setting up a decent profile.

What's the secret to good pics for these online dating things?

Any tips or suggestions would be really appreciated.


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be conscious of the

be conscious of the expression on your face. make it seductive/playful/warm/whatever and natural, not tense and bug eyed because you're staring at the camera. 


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Based on research from

Based on research from OKCupid the 'main profile pic' should be a head shot of you looking away from the camera and not smiling. See here for a breakdown of the research:

Other recommended pics to include:

Pets - Cute pics with your pet is like chick crack, bonus points if it's funny (make sure the animal looks happy)

Activity - An action shot of you partaking in some badass hobby (make sure your face is visible if possible)

Irreverent - Funny, goofy or crazy photo displaying your own irreverent brand of awesome sauce, makes for a great conversation piece (also candid reaction pics and self deprecating humor work here)

Group - Group shot with you in the center as the leader of the group doing something fun or at least where it's clear who you are in the photo

Pics you want to avoid: (you're only as good as your worst pic so be selective)

Bad quality, blurry, poorly lit, cropped or badly angled photos - do NOT use flash

Bad fitting clothing - clothes that don't fit right make you look like shit so avoid even if it's a good pic otherwise

Mean faces - don't do any mean scary faces that make you look like a serial killer

Work pictures - unless you have an amazing job then this just makes it look like you have no life

Pictures all taken around the house - Again makes it look like you have no life if every pic is from the same location

Group photos when it isn't clear who you are - just gets confusing. Also avoid group pics where everyone else is better looking than you haha

Too far away - it doesn't matter how good the landscape looks... it's not an impressive display of your personality if you're soo far away you look like an ant

Photos with kids - could give the impression they are your kid

Shirtless pics - Looks cheesy and try hard. Exception would be if it's an activity picture and your shirt happens to be off such as with an MMA fighter or surfer

Selfies or webcam shots - cliche and makes you look like a loner

Outdoor/Travel hiking photo - cliche as fuck. Exception - photos with landmarks in the background appear better, like you're on your way somewhere and snapped a quick pic

Car pic - picture of you next to your new sports car... need I say more?

Firearms - I've heard photos of you at the gun range can scare off some chicks but I live in the midwest so I haven't noticed any problems

Photos with girls - Trying to use pre-selection/social proof just makes it look like you either have a girlfriend or you're trying to impress Exception - a pic of you having fun and a girl just incidentally happens to be in it but isn't the focus or if it's a mixed group picture (do NOT use pics with girls partially cropped out either like some dating sites recommend because girls will see right through this tactic)

Pro Photos - Professional photos can actually come off as try hard if executed incorrectly. Exception - if you have a good photographer who can make them look natural then you can make some really high quality pictures. The cheaper route would be getting your hands on a DSLR camera - use shallow depth of field (the background out of focus) and ideally shoot in Golden hour lighting (sunrise/sunset)

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Damn that's a wicked

Damn that's a wicked guideline for pics. I got a buddy with a sick camera set-up. 

I'll have to hit him up to take some solid pics when we chill that I can use. Will have to be mostly indoor places, the weather is dark and gloomy as fuck around here.

I find tinder to be so hit and miss. I've hooked up with girls from there before, but the amount of work it usually takes is almost not worth it. Hopefully these pics and a profile update will flip things around.


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