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Me: Our dogs would probably match on tinder too

Her: lol what kind of dog?

Her:Tuckers a sweetheart sooo

Me: My lil girl Roxy is a boxer

Me: shes a handful

Her: I see a future in it

Her: Tucker is pretty chill they would compliment each other

Me: thats important

Me: dogs lives matter lol

Her: very much so

Me: Does tucker like the doggy park

Her: loves it

He: we go hiking when its warmer

Me: (name) dog park?

Her: never been there one really close to them

Me: where do you go

Me: your 10 miles away so I assumed there

Her: oh no im visting family

Her: I go to (park)

Me: oh thats still close

Me: Is that in...(town)?

Me: one of those weirdo towns hehe

Her: Heyyy thats my town

Her: first in (town)

Me: what up with you people haha

Her: Good questions :) :)

Me: Here in (town) we hide our probems and drink alcohol

Me: Jk!

Her: lol sounds...effective?

Me: Not an alchholic wouldnt know

Me: just a chipotleaholic

Her: lol fair enough

Me: whats your poison lol

Her: graham cracker ice cream probably

Me: Thats funny cuz we could probably rob the ice cream shop down the road from me :P

Her: sneaky whats our plan?

Me: Your gonna distract them with a sexy outfit while I walk through the back door

Me: split the profits

Her: Excuse I bet I could bring a lot more to it than that

Her: sexy outfits are too easy

Me: okay pumpkin If you want a bigger role than you've got creative control

Me: What do you have in mind

Her: We're gonna need like a ton of rope, belays, spy gear

Her: basically we drop in from the cieling and take it all

Her: Whats your fav ice cream we'll concentrate on our favorites

Me: Okay im writing this down..

Me: cookies n cream is good :)

Her: alright I can commit to a catsuit to keep your creative ideas involved

Me: Girl..! your awesome we need a catsuit I just wasn't sure if you were up for it

Me: Ill bring the bat mobile

Her: youve got some serious connects

Me: I fight crime at night beb

Her: Well

Her: thats intriguing

Me: Yes 

Me: dangerous too

Her: only if you dont do it right

Me: pff yah think your quite the vigilante huh?

Her: Dont doubt it

Me: haha pics or didnt happen

Me: im out here helping grandmas cross the road

Her: ya find me dropping from skylights

Me: lol those are on the ceiling!

Me: they're NEVER locked

Her: ya

Her: well

Her: I bet you couldnt do it

Me: show me how and ill let you ride the batmobile       <---shes riding the batmobile, not driving

Me: deal?

Her: I can make this deal

Her: lol jinx

Me: whats your # this app is killin my data

Her: fair

Her: promise you're chill and it stays between us lol

Her: Havent really given my number out on this

Me: Yes lol         <---- I don't have to justify myself

Her:  #

Me: Hi hun this is your partner in crime checkin in

Her: Now itll be harder to be arrested for conspiracy

Her: apple doesnt give up texts

Me: lol we are untouchable now

Her: its fantatstic truly

Me: we need to figure out snacks. Robbery works up an appetite    <---I felt that the ice cream thing was becoming overplayed trying to seed something new

Her: okay are we thinking high protein

Her: repelling from the ceiling is high energy

Me: haha great thinking

Me: we just dont want to skimp out on our complex carbs either

Me: burritos sound prime

Her: dont eat meat but I can swing it

Me: Tofu beb chipotle does it well

Me: I was veggie for 6 months

Her: really? whyd you do that?

Me: I wanted to try it

Me: Liked it too, just doesnt work out well when im at school

Her: ya youre telling me

Her: I havent eaten meat in like centuries tho

Me: its quite the moral debate

Her: at this point its just the way I do things lol

Me: I respect that

Me: I like veggie foods that mock meat foods lol

Me: sweet potato veggie burgers :)

Her: lol see I dont really go for veggie foods like that cuz ive never really eaten meat at all

Me: ah I see!

Me: I dig salads

Me: A lot

Her: Same

Her: chickpeas and PB are my biggest sources or protein

Me: fuck we REALLY should be robbing whole foods  <---- I'm willing to be flexible lol 

Her: but but but

Her: the ice cream    <----OHH she does want ice cream

Me: hmmm ice cream is more tasty

Her: Exactly

Her: we'll eat a bunch of chickeas before the heist

Me: lol absolutely genius

Me: (ice cream place) is going down!

Her: Exactly

Her: literally every ice cream store

Me: thats who we are robbing by the way

Me: ALL of them! okay

Me: Whats your schedule like this week, id love to take these fuckers down tomorrows night lol

Her: Im visiting family in (state) tomorrow

Her: and yes literally alll of them

Me: drive slow down there! my mom and I got a massive speeding ticket there

Her: ya theyre not like (state)

Me: she almost did a few hours in jail haha

Her: they care about speeding

Me: How long you going down there

Her: like 4 days I think? depends on how much my mom and her brother can stand each other (crying laughing emojis)

Me: haha gotta LOVE family get togethers

Me: just eat your peanut butter and keep quiet

Her: yep peep me in the corner of the couch doing just that

Me: careful they might try and prosecute you down there for being a veggie

Her: nah nah

Her: ill be okay

Me: It IS the south after all

Me: lemme know when your back I need a side kick

Her: I will

Her: also

Her: sidekick?

Her: you thought

Me: Nah not like that

Me: its you and me together its a two person job  <---could have been sexier but I dig the vibe

Her: there you go

Me: Have fun in (state) :)

Her: thank you  :) :)

Her: ill do my best to avoid prosecution

Me: lol ill pray for yah

This convo was fun and I think my text game is improving big time. It's slow at some points, but she was definitely engaged in the conversation. My understanding behind this convo is:

  • I'm not trying to be too wordy or long winded. My responses are as concise and possible while still packing a punch. Unless the convo needs more driving force
  • I'm letting her invest at her own will instead of forcing it down her throat. My texts aren't begging for responses. They are good conversation points for her to become involved in
  • Less emojis, the words should speak for themselves
  • The conversation reads well out loud
  • When she shows investment I make sure that I show some interest in "us"
  • I'm guaging if she is into my date ideas or not and being flexible
  • I'm not being combative and holding a positive frame ("show me how and ill let you ride the batmobile") ("nah not like that...its a two perosn job you and me together")
  • Overall everything is more relaxed and flowey. I was far more patient.

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You're not being

You're not being authoritative enough. Dass da magic, mang. 


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Cheaa thats what I was

Okay I'll spice it up