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Tinder/Online: Girls only willing to meetup Sun-Wed?? What's going on here?

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So this pattern has emerged where they want to schedule me Sun, Mon, Tues, or maybe Wed, but never Thurs Fri or Sat (if they're both young and hot). 

This is a classic player move haha

From what I understand they are telling me that the weekends are for gfs from out of town, local gfs, and family events.  Does anyone else see this pattern?

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I'd almost think that's

I think that's pretty accurate. I don't like going out to see girls on those days either. I'd rather go out and pick up new chicks, party, etc.  They are probably doing the same. Especially if they are hot. I don't want to waste my weekend going on a date lol why would a young hot girl?


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Yeah, same. Mostly, I don't

Yeah, same. Mostly, I don't even try to schedule for these days.

The risks are higher for both of us if the date goes wrong on a Saturday evening vs. on a Sun/Mon, as these days have better evening/night potentials.


What you can try is to check on the girl late at night and try for an afterparty pull. Although it may come across needy texting her on a friday night 2 am instead of having fun with your boys/picking up chicks. Probably better if you have already met her IRL.

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Its not about trying to

Its not about trying to schedule them on the weekends so much as tryna fit 5 girls into 3 days.  I already have 2 lined up for Sunday but at different times.  And several times I've made plans with two girls at the same time and then cancel on one of them.  I feel bad every time. I gotta find a way to get them out on Wed and Thurs.

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I'm SWAMPED during the week

I'm SWAMPED during the week though, so hanging then is not even up for discussion. Just plan them EARLIER in the day i.e. let's go for drinks @ 6-8pm sat versus 10pm sat.

Also I noticed professional chicks are into earlier because they're busy AF too so they can't really afford to go on bingers till 4am.