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When i found out about rsd i heard you should talk with a commanding voice, so i went out and started talking with a commanding voice all the time and it became a habit. But i've noticed it mostly works out for me with a girl when i talk in a softer voice after "hooking" or whatever it's called. So basicly i'm loud and commanding when opening or moving the set but when i'm alone with the girl i automaticly go in a softer voice (still not seeking rapport, ofc). IS this the right way to do it? 

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It's quite a bit more

It's quite a bit more complicated than that. I lay this all out in my coaching program. My vocal training is a mix of my military training, some drills my dj buddy gave me, as well as stuff from Roger Love. Just like everything else guys want to make things black and white, it's not. 


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I've always thought of it as

I've always thought of it as a smooth deep precision. Which is kind of a running theme, I guess...

But yes, beaming into them...I'm lucky as I'm from deepest West Yorkshire gruff Northern tones are my familiar frequency.