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Tough choices, easy life. Easy choices, tough life

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What's the most important or hardest thing you've ever given up in order to achieve your most important goals or better live the life you want?

I can go first since I asked:

--I think emotionally, the toughest thing for me to give up was my addiction to constantly wanting to sabotage myself. 

--Another tough one for me was giving up the need to be in control: Ended up going on some meds lil over a year ago which have basically been a life-changer for me but it was really hard to just get to a place where I could accept taking them. But the result is that I basically have the best pieces of my old self without a lot of the BS that came with it

--Another one: Doing what I want... I don't get to do what I want all that much anymore but it's by choice. 

Whatcha guys got?

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There's some iffy subject

There's some iffy subject matter in your thread here mang. It's good to "give up" certain things to instill discipline and good habits, and yes there are periods of your life where you just got to dig in stick your head in the sand and not see the light of day for sometimes months on end. But there's got to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and you must always remember to continue pursuing joy and personal happiness.


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