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variation of flip cup for you college kids ( slip n flip )

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Seems hard to organize with friends but this is a variatiin on flip cup where you set up a long tarp for 30 meters on a grassy slope/hill. Put soap and water on the tarp and at the end of the taro is your standard flip up table set up. The idea is straight forward: slide first, once you get there, you flip your cup and then once your cup is flipped, THEN, your next person can go. It seriously looks so fun.

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/> Lol nice

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that first chick had a nice

that first chick had a nice little tummy


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Excuse my shitty texting but

Excuse my shitty texting but yea that's the general  idea. This is the video that inspired me to post this. Shit seriously looks so fucking fun. 

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So awesome, slide into girls

So awesome, slide into girls and shit. Who knows what will go down lol

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Holy ballsack I'm doing this

Holy ballsack

I'm doing this at some point in the next 6 months.

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