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Venting Post, New Paradigms, Realizations, And Pugs

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It's becoming glaringly obvious as I go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of seduction that you can't win em all. Yes, life is not a pokemon game and my lvl32 Pikachu ain't gonna cut it. Fuck.

The interesting part is recognizing how simple of a truth this is yet how much cognitive dissonance we build in our minds to prevent ourselves from fully embracing it. Life is easier when you accept and surrender to the flow and stop creating resistance towards what is. My Canadian Nigga Ekhart taught me that. He sells weed on a park bench.

In other words, whatever was meant to come to you came, and whatever missed you was never meant for you in the first place. As I get better and better day by day I begin to grow and appreciate this fact more and more. The flow of life is dynamic, ever-changing, constantly moving in shapes and ways you can't even imagine. You can try to resist but you'll get bulldozed into oblivion. . .

A part of my day is dedicated to searching this forum, reading posts, commenting, texting girls, and even tweaking my own personal journal writings to supplement the growth in my verbals and text game. I try to watch comedy, do drills, read books (eww), all to get better. By putting my best foot forward, I AM getting better. Slowly but surely.

And that's all you can ask for.

You can't demand the results. That's just not how shit works. It's almost as if the results come independent of your action and only untill you hit that indentation on the learning curve are your results actualized. It becomes a cemented skillset you have at your beck and call.

I've hit a wave for the past two months where most of my text threads go Rogue One like Star Wars. It's frustrating abso-fucking-lutely, but there's a powerful lesson in it.:

You never know the true reason behind a flake, a diss, bad behavior, or why one ball is bigger than the other...forget I said that ...

It could be many things; Me, Her, that one text, that one comment someone made about her hair today, her parents, fucking an ant crawled over her shoe, who the fuck knows and who has the time to fucking care. That's not the point. In those cases, you make your best judgement, work towards fixing it, and move the fuck on. 

So many instances have come up in the past weeks where I dwell on a thread for hours, thinking of the perfect text to send to move the interaction forward or bring it back from the depths of hell. If you're just starting to learn, then yes, that can and IS a good thing. You want to take your time, practice on a mass amount of girls, and breakdown every nuance. There comes a point however, where the shit is either out of your control or out of your skillset. Either case, you move the fuck on, and keep doing what you're doing.

Now that's not to say I think I'm so crazy fucking good like chocolate pudding that it's always been the girls' fault. Not at all. But what the point is, is that I'm doing my job the best I can and that's all I can ask for. You have no idea how many times I tried finding an excuse to "call a girl out", give her the shaping behavior she deserves, and feel good that I showered her with my manhood...figuratively :(

Where exactly would that of got me? An angry girl, NO SEXYTIME, and an inflated ego for showing her whose dick was bigger? Fuck that. There are plenty of times where you lay down the hammer, but chances are, it's not over text lol. 

Moreover, there were times where I thought I was getting WORSE. As if the ittybitty neurons in my head decided texting was no longer a viable method of reproduction. Pff ;) 


Let go.

You're not getting worse. That's retarded. You're getting better. You're not in control of everything and every moment. That's idiocracy. You're only in control of you. You're not measured by how many times you can get your dick wet, or your close ratio, or how many times you've beaten the Elite Four cuz DAMN IT Pikachu you fucking suck.

You're measured by your consistency and discipline to keep trying, learning, and growing. There will be dry spells, there will be lost girls, lost income, lost time, lost pokemon battles (I'm a bitter man), but the trend is up. The trend is up muthafucka.

And it is your responsibility to keep that trend up like your man weiners :)

Ofcourse I'm still gonna post my threads to figure shit out and piss the fuck out of you guys, and ofcourse I'm gonna make the same mistakes over and over and wonder what went wrong lol, but hey, I'm still sexy ;D


I've hit on so many topics that idk where I'm going with this but I think I've made my point. 

Ah just read the title, ya, I totally nailed that. WOO!

The pugs? Hmm. That's a story for another day ;)

Bombs away.

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Great post brotha! :DWhen

Great post brotha! :D

When things get tough keep on walking you know exactly where you want to go. The contrast makes the cake taste better in the end.

A few days ago I was driving by a local college and remebered a chick from 4-5 months ago that I liked A LOT and shit just didn't work out. She was so fuckin sexy too. I thought to myself, "Fuck! I wish that could have worked out." Then I remembered how that loss motivated me to improve my game like crazy. I was suddenly so grateful, thank gawd that it DIDN'T work out for me.

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Nice nice baby!

Nice nice baby!