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(Video) The Truth About Sluts & Cheaters.. what do you guys think?

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Lmao @ the youtube comments -

Lmao @ the youtube comments - "These cunts ride the cock carousel until they hit the wall.....then they try to find a beta who will support them."

I think this 'sexual renaissance' he is talking about will be one of open mindedness. I can see the dating scene turning into something where every guy and girl in relationships with one another will also be sexually involved with 2-3 other mates (if it isnt mostly like that already). But it will be known and accepted. No jealousy or weird shit just because your girl is in a relationship w another guy, just a mutal understanding between everyone. And then the guys and girls who will want to switch to monogamy will decide to do so. It will be like a merging of two businesses. I can also see the marriage contract changing somehow. Maybe the whole "til death do us part" will be replaced with something like 10 years, and then if we want to renew our vows after that specified time, we can. Whatever it is, I can see a paradigm shift happening in the dating/marriage scene within our lifetime for sure.

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You tricked me! I was gitty

You tricked me! I was gitty to watch a new video of yers

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I don't caaaare, I love it.

I don't caaaare, I love it.


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Could this be what the guy is

Could this be what the guy is referring to ahha