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The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida book review

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Joined: 12/19/2013

They say everywhere that this one is a must.... and they are right.

One of the best books for men. Every concept is basically something to apply in your life. If you had live your life in a kind of manly manner in the past you will definitely see some pattern of your in the book.

He talks about your very core (if you have a masculine essence) and how to deal with it. Also he explains your relationship with women and that she is your best asset because she will test you non-stop.

A man of quality will recognize that and love it; I seek it actually this test vibe from woman. When before I was repeal by it and it was a symptom of my lack of maturity as a men, not being able to face the challenge of women it's not being able to face the challenge of life.

Another concept that I use to apply for 3 years now is having a small team of guys who CALL OUT YOUR BULLSHIT TO YOUR FACE.

They are ton of other insightful perks, I suggest you check it out if you have not already.


Joined: 09/18/2014
read that a few years back,

read that a few years back, and felt like it could be cut by a half but there were definitely some very good bits in there.