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Make sure it deals with a specific scenario you dealt with or experienced yourself! Talk soon


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Ok this is probably going to

Ok this is probably going to be difficult to answer without actually seeing the interaction but I'll do my best to describe what's happening.

Did some approaches with a wing a couple nights in a row. Long time since I've been out. It seems like I'm not getting the sexual hook point (attraction). Issue repeated both nights.

Went in strong loud, close proximity, slow impactful pacing in my speech, physicality with handshake introduction, a solid open. Two chicks. They immediately responded well. My wing did a great job occupying the friend. Had a fun no filter conversation showing my personality and dominance. Did a couple teases like 'it would never work between us. you're just too nice'. Which she actually was really nice the whole time.

Girl reponded well holding onto my hand after I high fived her, she actually held on first I was just going to let go. All going good. I was about to suggest to take them dancing but decided to wait since she was in the middle of smoking.

Then a moment later SHE suggested we all go dance. 2nd girl was shy and didn't want to do it, trying to pull my girl away. My girl encouraged her friend to go along with my wing. I said 'We're gunna go dance... finish up your cig, girl' and then lead her down the stairs by the hand. She literally tripped and fell on her back and luckily did not fucking injure herself. She wasn't even drunk her foot just slipped. There was literally nothing I could have done to stop it, she was down on her back in less than a second and helped her up immediately making sure she was okay.

Anyway, she was fine and we danced... she was teaching me how to line dance and this one was complicated as fuck and I'd never done it but went along very poorly. Hand in hand with my girl. All good fun as I playfully bitched about sucking at dancing.

After the dance took them over to the bar. She wanted a cheap shot of fireball so I got her that. Talked a bit more rapport stuff. About her life as a nurse, shared stuff about me. She hugged me tight and I pulled her in and kissed her neck. She seemed receptive. It was late and logistics were completely fucked so I went for the number close.

She agreed to meet for coffee the next day. The she immediately asked for my number before I even had a chance to ask for hers. I took out my phone and started to put her's in but she asked for mine again. So I gave her my number. Real slick... she typed my number in, pretended to hit the call button, immediately locked her phone, then said she called it and then quickly ran off. Got played basically. lol.

Very similar situation happened the night before with another girl where it went really well, laughed at practically everything I said even said how she was normally shy and that she wamed up to me. Then tried to number close and she threw up a lot of bs about not remembering my name when I asked and eventually got pulled away by her friends.

I could have done a couple technical things better. Didn't get shit tested by either girl at all. So it looks like these girls are just being nice and aren't really attracted.

Maybe I'm not giving them enough shit, qualifying enough or these particular girls just weren't into me. I dunno. Maybe not enough sexual verbals. The physicality was definitely there though.

I probably just need a lot more experience to pinpoint exactly where I'm fucking up. Any ideas? Or potential things I could work on?

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Ok, I think I'm not being

Ok, I think I'm not being challenging enough. I'm not qualifying myself to the girls but I'm also not challenging/screening/qualifying them.

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Phone Game

Hey man, I've been experimenting with phone game. It totally made sense to me when you said  that you can 

calm girls down/ pre-empt flakiness/ generally show tons of value by calling her and letting her hear your chilled out voice.

I've done it several times with a girl I've been sleeping with and it goes well because I can portray my overall vibe better on the phone and there's less misinterpretation.

So I thought I would try this with another girl from Tinder who I haven't met yet because although our conversation was going well.. it lost momentum as the gap between texts got longer. 

But then I thought maybe a phonecall straight up without any warning might scare her off...

Do you think I should send something before I call her like, 'im gonna call you' or 'are you good at talking on the phone' to get her ready for it?

Wanted to ask more generally, what you thought about calling girls off online sites that you haven't met yet and when phone game can be most effective.

Thanks a ton!


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