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I see all the posts about tinder,okcupid,pof and all that but what about facebook game?:)) me personaly i made a new year resolution and said i will not add a girl that i don't know first from the real life...and unfriended lots of people i don't know...what about you guys?does the "rules" for online dating sites apply for facebook?

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I have definitely gotten laid

I have definitely gotten laid on Fb but I also publicly broadcast myself on Fb so they are clearly able to see what sort of guy I am. The attraction is natural and swift :) 


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Joined: 01/24/2015

it cuts a lot from the mystery factor and u need a cool fb profile to roll with...i dont know about u guys but in my country 98% of men do pick up on facebook ONLY...which is retarded:))girls get a gazilion of "hey" "hi" whats up?"