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Pickup Coaching
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For rounding them out, building strength, etc.


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The best choice I found is combining 2 presses (seated military and dumbell presses for example) with 3 raises, 1 raise for each of the 3 shoulder heads.

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my favorite is standing

my favorite is standing military press

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To build them you want to be

To build them you want to be doing some kind of heavy pressing movement. Then to round them out you want to be hitting higher rep side lateral raises and seated bent over flys.

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Handstands all day. Going

Handstands all day. Going heavy with the weights on shoulders is tricky. Handstands will build up all those stabilizing muscles within the shoulder without putting heavy strain on them. From a handstand, you can do handstand pushups to build those puppies up.

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I've always liked the lateral

I've always liked the lateral raises with 25 and 45 plates, yah know the ones zyzz used to do :P