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Visited San Francisco for the first time ever last weekend. Had an absolute blast (took this girl I met out to Jeffy's favorite spot Cha Cha Cha lol) but overall I thought the city was pretty meh. Everything was dirty, huge homeless problem, and the rent is outrageous. The club scene was pretty cool and there's something to be said about living by the water but overall I wasn't impressed. 

What at are y'all thoughts? I've been doing a lot more traveling lately and always good to hear other guys opinions and experiences. 

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Yeah if you spend some time

Yeah if you spend some time there you realize that city is alive. The daytime festivities is pretty much second to none.. there's culture there. That and yeah I party with Jeff and Stifler and a couple other buddies I got up there when I do go up lol. There ain't nothing like partying with Stifler 


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Joined: 06/04/2012
Nice now that you mention the

Nice now that you mention the day festivals that is a huge part I definitely missed out on that could add another element of fun.