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Hey, so a real brief overview of my background before getting to the question- I was a devout christian until this time last year until i decided to leave it all behind completely. Best decision of my life, the only thing was I was completely lost when it came to dateing and women, only had one girlfriend prior for like a month and was still a virgin. Since then I've been hooked on self development across the board for the past year and my confience/ smoothness with women has increased a TON. I dated this girl for a few months, lost my virginity to her but realized she was holding me back in a few ways so i cut that off. The only thing is im not sure what my next move is.. I think the main things im stuggleing with is removing the self doubt, and also im not really good at sex yet obviously, but after watching "superhero in the sack" i feel better about it. Also the fear of people judging me and shit when i start trying to hook up with mad chicks.. I want nothing more than to join the ranks and have complete control over my emotions and have 100% confidence in myself but i just feel like theres a perspective or some more information im missing from the equation thats holding me back from actualizing completely.. Any advice ? 

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So you're worried about being

So you're worried about being judged by your Christian acquaintances about banging ho's? Or worried about being seen going after women when you could fail and/or look like a creeper? You're going to bite the bullet at some point if you're so sensitive lol. Take some training that'll help you become smooth much much faster, or just battle through it. But understand that many of your misgivings are "false positives". Your "fears" of social reprisal never happen.


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Well, if you actually want to

Well, if you actually want to make things happen you will make things happen. If not, you won't. Simple as that.

Tyler talks about this a lot, it's called emotional leverage. If you're comfortable with not having a say or control in your dating life you're not gonna attract high quality women. You have to make things happen.