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Ok so yesterday i was at a big concert and made out with a bunch of girls and got many numbers. After the concert i picked up some chicks but they turned out to be illegal age so we dropped them off lol. At that point my battery was like 3% so i texted "*name* ! ;) where are you?" to all girls. I thought it sucked but i was in a hurrry and i think julien used something like that. Some didnt respond, some said they were already on their way home etc so i couldnt get any of them to come meet me. Sooooo.... what do you guys text the chick? Or should you just call her?

Btw i just wanna say something happened to me at the concert, picking up chicks became so easy... but i still gotta learn how to deal with logistics and "the pull" better. And also bring a phone charger with me at all times, lol. I would had fucked a chick but if I lost my friend I would probably have ended on tge street since he had the car and we were 2 hours from home. Derp

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I would mix a logistical

I would mix a logistical question about the concern with some sort of term of endearment.

"hey boo I'm trying to remember the name of the dj that went up after xxx. You remember?"


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If i get her number in the

If i get her number in the club and try to pull her later that night though? Whats a good text to make her come and meet me

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Me: Hows my 3rd favorite brat

Me: Hows my 3rd favorite brat doing? ;- )
Her: going to *place*
Her: what about you?
Her: :-P
Me: Walking arround town
Mel: Trying to not get lost haha
Her: hahah ok
Her: who are the two other brats ?
Her: tell me when ur here? <--- like 6 pm
Me: getting there in 10 min <---- 8 pm
Her: still there? <---- 11:30 pm
Me: Yes <------ 00:30
Me: Im close to the metro station with my friends car <----- i tried to call her but there was no phone reception at the concert area
Me: Call me ; )
Her: we are going to sleep soon:( I cant call now
Me: Oh allright
Me: See you in *city*
Her: Yup! :p

Met this chick the previous day and apparently shes from my town. The concerts were in another town. Gonna try to meet up with her this week. And yeah my text game is weak but i dont know how to be good without coming across as too "gamey".