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I am very curious to know what you schedule is like.  

Discipline is one of the hardest skillsets to build, being in the POOAH community requires you to acknowledge this area as the main for success. 

My schedule goes like this:

Sunday- tuesday 


9-6pm - work

rest of the night I either follow up with some numbers and read a couple of books.

Wednesday - saturday

7am - go to the gym

9am 6pm - work 

7-8pm - errands

9pm - 1hr nap

10-1 night game

I follow this routine for about a month and then i become wreckless and stop doing it, I've been in this situation for about 4 months. I will either get a big distraction like a girl I cant stop fucking or start partying too much and feel like shit the next day and break my schedule. 

I want to know what is your day like and how long you can go before breaking.

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Starting tomorrow (1st june)

Starting tomorrow (1st june) ending around mid august i'm a full-time cult follower (rsd).

UNtil my money runs out pretty much, then i go back to work, school from august 17th, should b good.


I'm a menace to society

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You work 7 days a week?

You work 7 days a week?