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Joined: 11/13/2014

Basically, when i get a # (esp. if it's a shorter interaction) i will text the girl something funny, then vibe and then ask her out shortly after (i do it within' 8-10 texts).

Now, if they respond well to my texts, but say that they can't cuz of whatever reason, i just text them -

''Ok, no problem.''

''Ok, another time.''

(I imply that it's totally fine that they didn't wanna go out with me 2-3 days after meeting me).

Apparently this is very bad ^ according to my 3 wings, because i'm ... ''giving my power away'' ''making myself too availble'' ''seem like a bitch they can toss around'' ''not dominant enough''

I'm just being empathetic, these girls don't know me too well, some might need time to get used to the idea of going on a date with a guy they just met. 

Maybe they wanna see if i actually keep hitting them up. They don't wanna feel like they're easy or whatever.

BRUH, i'm fine with that shit. I love chasing. 

A few days later i just try again (the same thing) and if they say no there, i persist/challenge... but the first time i let them off easy. Sometimes twice.


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Yeah I'm pretty understanding

Yeah I'm pretty understanding as well. I don't go ballistic just cuz a girl can't meet up the first time I invite her out. How's it working out for you?


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Joined: 11/13/2014
I started doing it last week,

I started doing it last week, i'll tell you in a month.

It just kinda made me realize that all the girls who invested so much over text, but rejected me for day2, were just shittesting me and i failed.

Now i'm passing.

I got the idea from 5:24


He says SOMETIMES; but i think it's actually quite OFTEN. GIrls who are not down just don't text back.