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Hey, been waiting for that thing for ages. Initially it was available as a presale with the release date being postponed a couple of times and now it seems impossible to buy.

Would love to pay for that.

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Geezez what a terrible

Geezez what a terrible username.

Anyway. I've always been super ambivalent about releasing the text manual.. going back almost a decade. And it's the same issue now as before except worse. I release it and it gets swept up and copied and released by a bunch of relentless marketers with huge mailing lists.. while I make a few thou? No. Tyler asked me to show him text game, I refused. 'Cuz I'd have conversations with that guy then he'd go write an article detailing how he'd learned this new facet of "game".. without giving me any credit whatsoever. That happened more than once lol. I showed Sasha a couple awesome texting tips. He definitely wrote up some hugely popular text game articles based off it without citing me. So yes I've learned my lessons. So far I still hold onto certain unique keys of written communication that have never been released.

That being said I've got quite a few alumni that have developed stellar texting skills. I'm working with one right now to develop a storybook format for a text game manual. Think "choose your own adventure" formatting. Should be pretty cool


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What are your current

What are your current struggles with text game dicktits? If you have convos post them up and we can guide you in the right direction. This is the fastest way to learn text-game and to be around this forum long enough. Also, post often, no shame.

Yes the text game manual will be more than enough to take you from beginner to a super star. It covers the ground work of text game in an in-depth way with some sexy literary prose. It’s nothing like what’s out there currently which is all a bunch of stereotypical “cool guy frat boy” game. Weaksauce. You’re seriously gonna wanna stay tuned for this.