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When the girl is giving short answers is it the standard to call her out on it?

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I normally don't do that, just wait a few days and reengage. But I noticed from the sticky threads (and i havent been in the forum in a while) that it seems that its good to call the girl out and force investment

I tended to avoid that because of the competitive dynamic that MW warns about(you vs her instead of you AND her).

It it standard to call the girl out like Patrick Bateman does?

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Do it playfully and you probably won't be running into a you vs her frame. Always introduce a new dynamic playfully at first, then you can progressively push it harder later. You don't highlight that you're getting butthurt over shit, in fact you shouldn't even care, rather you target that she's being a brat in a way that suits the situation.


You are so monosyllabic, it's a shame hahah

Cat got your tongue? cheeky

It's ok, don't be nervous, I allow you to say more then one word, but don't abuse it hahah

Send her a snippet of this song



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Agree with the above post. I

Agree with the above post.

I never used to call girls out for that.

Now I do. Especially in a playful-disapproving way. I try to get the point across that I'm not butthurt about it, but I expect better. 


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Yes! Lol I used those on

Yes! Lol I used those on Patrick back in the day during coaching and he took it and ran with it. 


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