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Side Note: Going to start posting most if not all of my text convos (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) up to give you guys feedback on what goes in my head when texting, my own analysis and as well as to get everyone's feedback in situations I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm making a goal to take my txt game to the next level. You guys should too. No shame in it. You'll only get better

Let's dive in....

So my buddy, John, is in mad love with this hottie, has been for a year now...yikes! He's a rich, good-looking, high status dude and we're both glad to call eachother best friends. He's done more shit for me then I can imagine and I always have his back where and whenever...ESPECIALLY, with this girl.

The girl, her friends, John and myself are on very good-friendly basis. We'll see eachother at bars, parties, and even pre-game with them sometimes. The girl is 100% interested in John, BUT, she plays with him. She knows he's the shit, but he supplicates to her too much. They've been on nice dates, made out a lot, he's walked her home etc. SHE's SLEPT IN HIS BED FOR CHRIST SAKE AND NOT WITH HIM.

John's told me that the girl absolutely adores me. She loves how good of a friend I am to him, how funny I am, and just overall chill dude I am. She's telling the truth to. I am pretty :) I've personally friend-zoned her and treat her like any one of my girlfriends

Now before I left university to venture off into space, I took his phone, dropped some txt game on her, got him ANOTHER date at a bar with her and literally AMOGGED dudes, cocked mother-hens, and did everything under the sun to get this guy laid. 


Anywho, idk the status of their relationship now but I know he still 'loves' her. It's been almost 1 year. Idk if he's fucked her again or what. So take everything I say further with a grain of salt.

Cuz I think she wants ma dick...

The Day B4 I Became An Astronaut:

Me: Yo Rio De Janerio its *my name. Its ma last day b4 I leave tomorrow. Come to *X place we're popping moet.
Her: This makes me so sad :(
Her: But for you sure thing

Around the Time I Was in Space Fixing Appolo96 Space Station: (5mths ago)

Me: Happy late birthday my little dufflebag ;)
Me: Fb told me i was an ass for missing it
Her: Ugh finaly i've been waiting for weeks
Her: but thanks dude :) i don't have a cool nickname for you on hand but i'll put some time into making a bitchin one for you
Her: How are your travels!!!?!! (She means space...obviously)
Me: Aww you're so sweet you give me diabetes
Me: Fuckin amazing. I can't describe it anyother way
Me: oh wait...boobies
Her: As in your adventures have been the tits?
Her: Or has Europe just been riding on that free the nipple trend?

Side note, this girl is witty and entertaining as fuck...she's a real catch

Me: I do enjoy a good rack especially one that can hold my drink
Her: Lol well boobs included or not im still incredibly jealous of you
Her: Who knows maybe i'll join you if i get tired of all these fuckbois and white privilege
Me: Come i'll take you for a ride on my magic carpet w pet monkey and magic lamp
Me: That's not a sexual reference
Me: ok maybe a lil ;)
Her: Lol haha i miss you
Her: i want you to keep me updated on your travels :)
Me: 100%
Me: hows your crazy life been hanging
Her: jk its been meh, just living that Av suburban life i need to do something fun and crazy
Me: lol ok im coming to kidnap you
Me: I need you to bring a turban and cookies
Her: haha the perf combo
Her: ok i'll be patiently waiting with my bags conveniently packed
Me: What's your address im sending one of my 72 virgins to fetch you
Her: haaaaaaaaa
Her: love having jewish friends!
Her: jk. iget it
Her: im cultured

I left here* So ya, you guys can tell we're very close friends and have a great vibe pre-established which carries over to text. It's unfortunate, cause she rarely responds to my bro, or takes wayyy too long to respond. When she does, it's not very engaging.

Recently I txted her again to set-up future plans w/ her, one of her hot friends, John and myself. - Cause John lacks in this dept. lol

Her: Hey dude! how are you?!
Me: Doing good! Especially after I beat up these fat kids for money
Me: A mans gotta eat
Me: How r u booboo
Her: If i told you i'd have to kill you
Her: Hmmm theres a story behind punching those fatties....
Me: Who knows, maybe i'll let you hear it when im in town next week
Her: No way!
Her: Are you coming back for the semester or just a celeb appearance in *townname?
Me: 2 kewl 4 skewl
Me: just as batman to keep the crime rate on the low
Her: You're the hero *townname deserves
Her: Wait so how long have you been back?
Me: No ya goof i fly in this weekend
Her: Yiheheheh! Can't wait to see you!
Me: ^i do not allow alien forms of laughter in my prescence
Me: What do ya plans look like for next week? John and I will bring my baby kitten medication and make you FEEL GOOD.
Me: Dont worry its all natural ingredients. Its mostly carbonated water actually...
Her: Duly noted i'll keep my space debauchery on its lowest setting
Her: Hahahah is that a euphemism for a threeway????
Her: Not a hell of a lot im just hanging but improbs going to go back early before classes start to hang out w ppl
Her: ^Just more teen things
Me: If you insist you naughty girl ;) John's fapping inthe corner tho, im the star of this porno
Me: How early r we talkin? Im a man u woman! I need logical details to formulate a gameplan
Her: Um duh i won't have this film be mediocre

^LIGHTS GO ON. The fact that she brought up sex before I was even thinking of it makes me think....she wants the desert storm. Also, she practically shits on my friend and praises my sexual prowess...Now before you read further and think damn pussy.

Fuck you.

Ok but rlly, I had to defend my friend in this situation and had to put her sexual temptations to my spicy chicken curry on the low. I can't do that to my friend and she has to see it as well so it doesn't bite me in the back in the future.

Me: Bby dont call ma boi mediocre

THIS, is where I may have sorta kinda only a lil bit screwed up...he..eheheh. I was sexting another chick and sent it to her instead....whoops.

Me: First thing im going to do is come up behind you and slide my hands around your waist. Pull you in against me, interrupt you while you make my sandwich
Me: Kewl we'll all go ice skating and get phat on icecream
Her: Cool beans

At this point I realized that I just sexted the wrong's my recovery

Me: ^that sandwhich sext was not for you....
Her: Haha alas luck has graced me with your flowery compliments nonetheless
Me: I dont think you could handle it anyways
Me: I would like a sandwich tho :)
Her: Its true it would most likely blind my virgin eyes
Me: You need to behave yourself oung lady or I will spank yer bum bum and idc who sees

*No response. The errors happen towards the end and I'm still trying to tie the pieces together but here's my breakdown:

This thread is a great example of silly&sincere type texting with a mesh of high value, prize verbage that consistently gets the girl to invest more and more while you keep making her jump through your qualification hoops. I've found, that pulling this off, requires a solid in person interaction of similar quality. LIke, you have to allow a certain eb and flow of the interaction. "LET HER GAME YOU" basically.

As for the end, you can clearly see that she almost fizzles out with the "Cool beans" response. Doesn't bite at my sext at all.

The next mistake was the "i dont think you could handle it anyways" response. In this situation, it was too much push, that makes a girl think you're seriously not interested in her. I already took away all the sexual validation by saying the sext 'wasnt for her' and furthermore, I put salt on the wound by sexually disquaifying her.

Finally, I dropped more high value verbage on her "behave yourself", when she was already down. That just kicks her while she's down.

*I still have a week before I would like to actually get all of us together to go ice skating so gimme yer thoughts homies!

How would YOU re-engage something like this?

P.S. I really like her as a kewl kat to chill with. I wouldn't want something silly to ruin it. Also, would never go behind my brothers back.

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Dude, do you want to bang her

Dude, do you want to bang her or not? cuz it seems like your not sure about what you want. She obviously digs you, and you do not have much influence over your buddies relationship with her no matter what you do.

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Boom! problem solved. I

Boom! problem solved. I always hate hearing shit about dudes banging their friend's girls, that's some desperate shit!

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If it's been over a year and

If it's been over a year and he has other girls maybe it's not too big of a deal though, but only you know the details!

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If he's ok with it, go for

If he's ok with it, go for it. If he is not, then it's not worth it.

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You're flirting with her

You're flirting with her Jihad. Stop 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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I'm not trying to quash your

I'm not trying to quash your creativity and fun, but I personally never fuck with a girl's head if she's in a relationship with a buddy. And you're definitely doing that. I can't imagine that you're not clued in to what you're doing here, but I don't condone it. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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sooo...ughhh... double team?

sooo...ughhh... double team?

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Eat more chicken ;)

I’ve been in a similar situation and I think just about every guy thinks about it but ultimately you shouldn’t give in especially when you got an abundance of women that you talk to.

I have a really good friend whom I consider to be more or less a best friend, and he has this chick that he throughout the years has gone back and forth with. At first they started off in a relationship in high school, she broke up with him and she dated some other guy. While she was dating the other guy my best friend and her would sneak around together (they were fuck buddies for the longest time). Then while he was banging all these other girls, he would go back to her fuck her once in said year then again the following (I noticed he bangs her like once a year). I asked him about all the girls and he said the closest that he came to love was with her and another girl. I pressed him about this

He ended up mostly describing the other girl and with former high school flame he said that he didn’t know what he had with her.

Now I have her number and would text her and it almost goes the same way that this one goes JIHAD, almost. About several days ago, probably New Years’ day lol I ended deciding to just stop texting her and I’m even thinking about deleting her number altogether.


So what I think you should do the same: It doesn’t matter if he has done anything with that as of lately, you need to respect the friendship enough to not take this chick to bed. Avoid her, do whatever you gotta do make sure you don’t end up doing anything with this chick. It should die off