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This is another chick that flaked. I feel absolutely idiotic because my parents weren't home for 4 nights and I got only like 4 girls over combined. Two had boyfriends and the other two stayed over for like 30 minutes. Just one big SUASAGE FEST! 


Me: Come over with a friend and drink all my parents alchohol with me and ashton

Her: sorry I already have plans 2night (crying emoji)

Me: ohh no

Me: you suck

Her: maybe if you told me earlier I could :((

Me: I know last minute plans!

Me: parents arent home all week, so we will figure somethin out

Her: well those are usually the best kinda nights :) & sounds good to mee

Me: k ill let you know!

Me: what friends could comever from the academy    <---- she doesnt go to my school

Her: uhh I have 2 friends that r graduated mollie & ari and my friends whos our age lyndia from {town}, the other two are from {town} idk if you know them

Her: do you have anyone in mind

Me: hmm but really I dont any of them

Me: whick one do you think we would prefer?

Her: well what are your intentions {name}?

Me: I have an open mind to anything

Her: ohh really then youll be lucky to hang with any of my friends :)

Me: ohh awesome send me a pciture of them so I can choose lol

Her: {sends me pictures of three girls all sexy}

Me: oh wow I dont know which one to choose

Her: hahahaha

Her: I know my friends r smokes im lucky :)

Me: whose the last one on the left

Her: Ari

Me: hmm if she pokemon Id chose her

Her: what?

Me: ahve her comeover

Me: she seems cool

Her: she is hella cool

Me: fuck yeah hows thursday sound?

her: I have work

Me: till when so Do I

Her: from like 4 to like whenever

Her: idk yet

Me: im not home till like 9 it would be a late night thingy

Her: none of them are around (crying emoji)

Me: hit them all up!

Her: I just did!

Me: where are they!

Her: idk haha

Me: god damn giive me all their numbers..All of them

Her: omg {name]

Her: hold on im talking to them

Me: figure this out homieeee

Her: or whatt

Me: bad things will happen

Her: like what :)     <-----very unsure where to go from here

Me: not sure yet...

Me: depends on how well you behave 

Her: I guess ill be on my worst behavior then

Me: oh damn you better not be :)

Her: so hows ashton and all your paresnts alcohol (laughing emoji)

Me: its all gone and we are blackout you missed out

Me: ashtons naked

Her: hahahah no way

Me: yes way you wish you were here

Her: ohh really

Me: yeah

Me: get your friends over this week so we can all have some fun

Her: ill try my best

Her: what if they arent from the academy

Me: who would dat be

Her: shelby!    <----- ughhh no go

Her: shes really fun when shes drunk I swear!

Me: thats not gonna work im tryin to chill with high class academites   <---- making fun of her "fancy" private school

Her: and whys that

Me: Its just my prefernece I wanna meet new people

Her: well what do you consider me?

Me: hmm good question

Me: id say new

Me: I havent seen you in like 7000 years

Her: since freshman year advisory

Her: hahaha

Me: what

Me: you were in my advisory!

Me: wtf homie

Me: I dont remeber that   <----of course I do lol just teasin'

Her: yeaaaa

Her: its all good haha

Me: Holy fuck how dont I remeber that

Her: cause we never talked

Me: you loser

Me: why were you being antisocial hehe

Her: how am I the loser?!!

Her: no I wasnt

Her: omg you just wouldnt talk to me

Me: probably im afraid of girls!!! they scare me

Her: omg why

Her: tell me why cas you have nothing to be scared of

Me: they make me really scared and I start shaking

Her; whyyy your like hot you shouldnt be scared of girls

Me: I just want someone to take advantage of me

Her: I dont

Me: im fearless

Her: more like your just drunk

Me: im completely fearless

Me: no fears

Her: okay I got that

Her: hahaha

Me: okay im getting too douchy here

Me: lol

Me: btu w are chillen soon it will be muy bien

Me: ill talk to ya later nigg

Her: alright sounds good :)

Me: yo nigga

Me: all my friends bailed on me

Me: wanna chill tonight

Her: im at {vacation spot}

Me: ohh noo

Me: i have no friends lol!!!!

Me: now your gonnahave to brign some girly drinks over for me later this week

her: haha only me?

Me: yes! all with YOUR OWN MONEY

Her: woooooww

Her: il think about it

Me: twisted tea peach would be nice

Me: youd be like..the coolest girl I know

her; ehh im more of a girl beer

Me: fuck no your not

Me: your obviously a mieks hard lemonade fag

Her: wtf  

Her: do you know me???

Me: nahh

Me: I just kn

Me: know you suck at beerpong

Her: haha do you know that (laughing emoji)

Me: I can just sense it

Her: wellt hats the only part your right about

Her: but im working on it

Me: you better start training hard

Her: I know i need work

Her: i have a ping pong table ill practice

Me: you

Me: fuckin

Me: better

Her: I

Her: fuckin

Her: will (fist emoji)

Me: yeah so did you hit up your amigo ari

Me: hey im doing my weekly planner

Me: What night should I penicl you in to come, thirsty thursday?

Her: dont think I can make it this week sorry

Me: boo your gonna miss out

Me: faggot

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There is def too much gaming

There is def too much gaming overall. Usually im the opposite, but my texts have been getting....desperate looking...lately.

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Yeah looks like you're

Yeah looks like you're attempting to strong arm compliance but don't have much connection. You should probably start arranging some kind of high school dinner party every Sunday. That would be awesome I'd show up lol


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