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Hi guys,

I've worked hard for a long time to start my online business, and now I'm making money with it.

I would like to travel to another country for 2months to experience different culture, see more of the world and of course fuck bitches.

Since I'm having no experience other than Spain and Budapest, I would like to ask experienced guys here on travel advice, as to where to go to.

My first thought was Thailand since it's cheap and Bangkok is a crazy city probably, but I think the girls there are very Skinny. I actually like girls with a big ass and big tits are nice as well. Therefor I was thinking about Colombia or Brazil, but that's probably very dangerious as well as the girls there speak no English? I thought about Kiev as well, but I think girls there don't speak English as well. I might even consider learning Spanish or Russian.. I'm not considering Las Vegas or Sweden to much, since I hate to pay rent double the amount of elder in the world..

So let's end with a call-to-action:

What are your top 5 countries (for pick), and why?

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Damn i wrote a long ass post

Damn i wrote a long ass post but deleted it somehow...

It just depends on your taste man...

I went to thailand and spain and while i really loved thailand and thought spain was alright i wouldn't go there to pick up girls. I just wasn't very into them. Some other guys i met loved the chicks from there though. I've heard the philippines is super easy to pick up chicks but i haven't been there.

I've been to all scandinavian countries and the level of girls is pretty high (but probably less than people make you believe) but the prices aswell as you said. I hear the girls in eastern europe are better looking and more feminine than the scandinavian though. Prices lower aswell. I might take an exchange year in poland for one semester. Maybe visit a couple more countries in eastern europe.

I love latinas and latin culture more than anything else though. As soon as i have saved up some money i'm gonna travel trough south america from north to south. I'm fluent in spanish though.

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If you find yourself in

If you find yourself in Thailand but prefer European girls, check out the "Full Moon" Parties (down in Ko Samui and maybe some other islands down south). Should be lots of tourists everywhere tho.

I spent a month traveling in Serbia & Bulgaria a few years ago...I didn't want to come back to be honest. Day game there was relatively easy...either Belgrade or Sofia would be a great city to setup shop for a while, and you can easily visit other European cities from either one. I didn't find speaking English too much of an issue, at least with girls I approached.