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Like I mean for instance, there’s a certain emotional vibe that when u communicate with women thru it, u can be a total idiot and still get laid, because it’s drug like and ephemeral in its effects. 

This is what Tyler refers to as that swagger that ppl like Jim Morrison had or any of those far out phenomenal types of celebs have. Like that “it” factor is nothing but an emotional vibe that anyone can access. It’s just that men in particular tend to kind of like not wanna inhabit it. They actually run away from it

I never had that issue. I always inhabit that space at all times. That’s why I open so consistently and why I get attraction so consistently, I actually put my “heart” out there

to the fullest, even if it’s not always pleasant or fun to be around. It’s still pretty intriguing enough for an open at worst and at best it carries me to the end. If I ever fucked up it was always due to extreme anger or pride issues which blinded me with rage to where nothing would help me.

It has just occurred to me that this is swagger is actually a choice I’ve been making. It’s not a personality trait. It’s a choice you make to feel this way and thus behave this way. It’s just a choice you make and boom ur there.

I ask myself, why would anyone NOT wanna have swagger? It’s of interest to me because it’s a pretty cool psychological type of complex that I can’t quite understand.

My guesses are that maybe guys are actually afraid to succeed? Why then would you lie you urself and spend time learning game if you know ur just full of shit and blocking urself from most of the success, because truth be told, most of the success is in the vibe. Like 60%. The rest is leading. Swagger and leading is basically the whole deal.

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Tyler was also really good at

Tyler was also really good at writing about stuff he didn't know that much about. ;) 


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